COVID cases are on the rise among the staff at a local hospital here in West Michigan; 2/3 of the staff who have recently tested positive have been vaccinated.

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@Rogue9 @adam @Johncdvorak do you have a link to this?
I would LOVE to show it to my teacher friend who thinks non-vaccinated people should be shot bc *they’re* the ones causing the ‘spread’.

@DameJamie no link. It was shared from a friend who works at the hospitable. BOTG

@DameJamie There have been breakthrough cases reported in London and Washington.


I was looking for solid reporting about 2/3 of cases already being vaccinated. Did that happen in WA and London?

@Rogue9 @adam @Johncdvorak

Are the staff actually symptomatic or did they have required testing where is showed up and they're asymptomatic?

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