This game between Gonzaga and UCLA is a great ballgame.

Any other basketball fans here?

COVID cases are on the rise among the staff at a local hospital here in West Michigan; 2/3 of the staff who have recently tested positive have been vaccinated.

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Anti-racism wins again as it forces white divorced single mother of two to resign rather than embrace her white fragility and accept being discriminated and intimidated in the workplace.

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"The British are, in fact, quite conformist and placid."

Wow. The British recognizing that they are fine living in tyranny as they are just subservient serfs after all.


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- Will you be my Valentine?

- Wow. Well, that's an excellent question. I'll circle back to you on that.

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Anderson Cooper calling the people in DC "weekend warriors", "deplorables", "buffoons", and that there gonna go home and high five each at Olive Garden. What's going on is unacceptable, but he's being an asshole.

Good thing my stimulus check arrived in time to pay for today's beer run

I'm going out for a beer run. Anyone else need anything?

@adam I thought you said the revolution wouldn't be televised?

Are the end of show mixes located anywhere? I'd like to link directly to the Build Back Better song which is phenomenal.

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