Ok there we are, Bernie. The minimum wage isnt gonna make poor people less poor. Only time it *might* have was right when it was first implemented, before the market corrected to price the poor out of work. And that's what happens again each time it goes up.

I swear it’s “choke on the toilet paper ..... ay.” - intro by the great @Johncdvorak

What an amazing No Agenda: Episode 1228, ‘Stunning’, is out! Tune in, mofos! Here’s a link and the album art to get you started (not like NAS people need any prodding).

As always, thanks for everything you do, @adam & JCD. You guys actually care. Not easy.


I got quite a number of public and DM questions today about donating to show your support of Animated No Agenda. Options are outlined here: anav4v.com


It's an Op -

Listening to now. Not sure if I am all in, but an interesting perspective with his sources.


Just saw an Angel Soft Commercial last night to chill to hoarders. It showed the factory up and running and get this sure enough manufacturing TP! Wow!

I had a great time on NA online meet up last night. NAS if you have the time to join one I highly recommend it! @adam we all wish you were there. I commented how proud you would’ve been.

This can't go on.

A thread by @Neoavatara.

@Neoavatara: "Half of you are not going to believe my next story...but it is true.

So the wife and I were out of food, so we went to our local pickup place. The owner has become a friend of ours, and we wanted to support him during these tough times.

He then started on politics..."

#Democrats #Pelosi #WuhanVirus #coronavirus #relief #spending


(H/T @davereaboi RT )

Oh, great! Just what I wanted to hear in the middle of a pandemic. How about NO FUCKING THANK YOU. Coronavirus is exposing how deeply globalism and the hippy-dippy “we’re all just one global family” bullshit has infected culture and even business. Let’s get something straight. WE ARE NOT. Chinese eating habits are cruel, disgusting and barely human and the way they treat each other is even worse. Europe is decadent and dying. The Middle East is stuck in 600AD. Russians are sociopaths. Africa is a totally lost continent. India is filthy and (actually) structurally racist and needs another 100 years before it’s fit for tourism. Scandinavia is bland and pointless. South America is hot, violent and racked with socialism. Everything in Australia is trying to kill you. America has problems but it’s fucking amazing and anyone blessed enough to live here needs to stfu and celebrate. Let’s bring the supply chains to heel, shut the borders and praise the good God Almighty we don’t live anywhere else.

Encountering Virus Panicked folks is surreal. I’m grateful for the knowledge that @adam and @Johncdvorak have given so that I keep calm.

Damn the machine put out some ad’s mentioning delivery or BK’s mention of w/ limited contact. Impressive, the gov’ment could take a lesson from the ad producers.

Why are Chinese gov't officials now publicly denying that the #coronavirus started in Hubei province & citing conspiracy websites that claim the U.S. is responsible for the virus?

dailysign.al/WuhanFlu39gAL4a #StayAtHomeOrder #CoronavirusLockdown #MAGA #Millennials #UniteBlue #Democrats

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