So, I shared this cartoon meme with a friend and I thought he gave an excellent response!

The Titled 45Savage show of @MoeFactz and @adam Curry is so damn good. If you haven’t listened you need to do the work for sure.

That led to one of my favorite quotes ever:

@adamcurry: Maybe we should try that. HEY LISTEN, YOU DICKS, SEND MONEY! I dunno, will it work?
@Therealdvorak: Have you ever read the newsletter?

@jennifer @MartinJJ

Who here enjoys Mask Debating? Show of hands.... both hands.

@SmashCast so, you were listening to the show live and went to Moefactz. What happened?

@MoeFactz @adam
Instead of de-deadbeat how about no moe deadbeat 🤔🤔🤔???

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