Evidence of the Stupidity of Pedo Joe....
Corporations Do Not Pay Taxes.
They pass them on to their Customers.

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yep... @RoboftheVolcano

.. people pay taxes.

Corporations just pass them along.
Simply a cost of doing business, just like any other expense in delivering a product or service.

@RoboftheVolcano How HOW does he not understand this? It's as if Twitter took the biggest retard they could find and made him president. It's embarrassing.

@RoboftheVolcano From a landscape Gardener to a lemonade stand, the basic rule is 'if it costs me more, it costs you more' how is the beyond a supposedly educated politician?

It's very obvious when someone has never signed a cheque in their life.

@sullybiker I think the Elites had a Bet. Canada thought they won, son of a Whore who fucked Castro, France thought they one Homosexual with a Beard wife.
But USA Beat all with a Corrupt Pedo with a Crackhead son. and an Alzheimer's patient on top of it all.

I'm not pro corporate taxes but taxes are not an expense as part of COGS. It's not a part of the cost structure. It's on profit. That's after customer has long since been involved.

Higher wages on the other hand are passed to the customer or automated away.

Taxes will be passed to the share holder instead since there will be less profit to reward them through acquisitions, buybacks and dividends.

But, corporations always find a way. Loopholes will be left and points scored.

@tertius In all fairness, Corporations even small ones like mine, will pass additional taxes on to their consumers.

That's like saying you'll pass income taxes onto your employer. Income taxes aren't work related expenses. It's not like fuel prices going up when you're a driver and have to buy fuel as a cost of doing business.

I'm against corporate taxes and would like all of the profit to be returned to shareholders (in one way or another).

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