@RoboftheVolcano this doesn't have the ratios of each of these categories in the full population.

@progo No it gets much worse when you work out Black men are 6.5% of the population yet commit 55% of violent crime that compares with white on black crime being 59k white crime over 2 million black crime.

@progo the govt came up with the figues not me, they always like to hide the dangers of certain groups.

>White on hispanic is much higher than white on blacks
>blacks on whites is disproportional compared to white on black
Really gets the nogging joggin'. Is there any article that describes this phenomen?
big think 1.jpg
@RoboftheVolcano yes! The hispanics! We're attacked more than whites! Reeeeeeeeeee! *Burns down lower california*
@RoboftheVolcano Shhhh...you are shredding the progtard narrative, you bigot!
Dontcha know you must listen and believe ?
@RoboftheVolcano The Learned Elders of Zion do not stop ! I believe points 15 and 16 hace already been reached, they also hace taken over the Democratic Party, Gallery Art is shit but Commercial Art is still good, mainstream comics are shit but comicsgate comics are good, point 20 and 21 have been reached except for alternative media.
@RoboftheVolcano Once I debated a progressive lunatic on Twitter, and she defined education as "teaching the RIGHT ideas" ( with "right" as in "right side of history" ). Now you see why education is fucked.
@RoboftheVolcano In fact there's so little to even use in that category that they have to make a bunch of it up. During the early riots, they had to color correct a hispanic to pretend there was a single right-wingish white guy looking like he was running his car into a crowd, and the full clip clearly showed his car being mobbed as he was forced to flee on foot. He was obviously brown enough not to get lynched by commies.
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