You need to listen to the Thoughts of these Leftist Intellectuals on
Far-right radio and the fight for American democracy....

**** FYI Joe Rogan is Far Right according to this Leftist Filth.*****

So not only does Joe Take Horse Medication he is now FAR RIGHT !

Wow look at this Pack of Lies from NPR

*****Polling places were moved to known Klan locations. *********
What Klan Locations Where ?

While working for the Department of Justice, attorney Laura Coates says she saw voter rolls being purged and instances where polling places were moved to known Klan locations.

@adam Hey have you and @Johncdvorak ever looked into Helium mining? Interesting IOT token. Not sure what your coverage would be in Texas Hill country.

This is an incredible explanation.
13 min.
It's on rumble and podcast apps too.


Has everyone already seen the India Covid kit that Malones buddy smuggled out?

I've watched this a second time and reached this conclusion.

There is no more important video for people to watch than Dr. Zelenko explaining today's reality.

If you haven't shared this with everyone you know, I believe there are few greater responsibilities that you now have.

Please share this everywhere

Another Coincidence another Footballer
Afcon 2021: Gabon's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang out of game against Ghana with 'heart lesions'

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