White liberal women are the most racist demo in our country right now.

Have to sort this pile of limbs out as well. More kindling and wood for the fireplace.

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A rich, full day.
Started off early with a lifting session, then made coffee. After breakfast, my wife and I finally cleared the front yard of the limbs and logs (two weeks of hard work). Next, we spent the rest of our time outside stacking rounds, splitting logs and sorting out kindling for the future. My wife started a fire in the pit and disposed of small limbs and leaves. Damn, we are tired; but we feel very fulfilled.

Listening to 1288. @adam referenced Toobin's O-face and I nearly ran off the road. Thank God I wasn't taking a drink. Listen with caution when driving people!

The pen just went away. I guess he's done dosing.

They're near the plants and factories because that's where the money and work is, you silly bint!

He wants companies to transition? Are they gender confused?

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