@Sirmanischewitz you've put me over the top for a knighthood! TYFYC and jah bless, you have sponsored me into the Peerage!

Looks like my fasting blood sugar is in the 140's to 160's from one day to the next. Good? Bad? In the middle?

Watch "Russian - Ukraine War: Civilians Under Fire Everyday (Special Report)" on YouTube

Watch "SABATON - Lady Of The Dark (Official Lyric Video)" on YouTube

And her story is here.

Do we all strap up and go take DC back or just collectively pray for the meteor to cleanse it? I'd settle for either. Maybe some brave soul in the military will drop one of those rods of God on the joint. It sure would fix a bunch of the world's problems.

Amber Heard is truly an abusive monster for if this is true.

Still on hiatus from work. Doc says I should be okay by Wednesday.
At least I can sit upright a bit easier. Had a pop in the left ear yesterday. Supposed to be a sign the infection is breaking up and passing out of the system. Tired of laying around and feeling useless.

Watch "Star Trek Strange New Worlds | Horny Vulcans & Poison Memberberries | Episode 1 Review - Part 1" on YouTube

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