Wife was just told that Smithfield is going to shut down again and another meat shortage is around the corner. Don't know if it's legit or not, but the guy who told her has a small Amish store we get our firewood and some food from. He's even dealing with a wood shortage because the guys who cut wood with him make more on unemployment. He may have to choose between his house or his business.
Gotta tell ya, this shit is pissing me off.

Watch "fed bois vs. nakey lady - LEO recap" on YouTube 

The Arby's comment kills.

Watch "Tweaker Hunting.. Springfield Mo Edition" on YouTube 

Watch "Covid-19 Test.. Hell No!! 🤢😭🤢" on YouTube 

We only did 2 miles this evening, not 4. This phone is going potato.

Watch "The Power of Uncomfortable Truths, Part 2 | SEAN WHALEN" on YouTube 

Sean Whalen is a grown-assed man.

Got my morning walk in. Phone is old and not registering properly (some would say it's a feature). Should be a 2.12 mile walk.

Watch "Silencing Fenix Ammo with Justin Nazaroff | Starting Strength Radio #66" on YouTube 


I guess these guys in Michigan got the whole "boogaloo" shit started.

Squat and deadlift are still on maintenance. Back is feeling better, might bring weights up this week. Bench is progressing as planned with no problems. Totals will be posted this evening after second lifting session.

Watch "The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude Scene (3/12) | Movieclips" on YouTube 

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