As this crap drags on, I become more and more impressed by the restraint of conservatives/libertarians who haven’t beaten, stabbed or shot any politicians to death. It speaks a lot about the integrity of these groups. I hope it continues as the livelihoods of men, especially, and their ability to feed their families is jeopardized with vax-related firings. It’s almost like the elites want it to happen to have a reason to crush us, but we aren’t giving in.

Taper candles now available in 6 and 12 pack. Made with beeswax and available with free shipping

This news has me grinning like the Joker.
Watch "Kennedy in BIG TROUBLE | Contract Renewal THREATENED with Indy 5 DELAY!" on YouTube

Another cross completed.
3/8 square bar with a flap disc buffing to remove most of the forge scale but leave some for a weathered look. I can also do a hammered finish seen in previous work. I even punched a hole for use as a pendant.

Guess what's here that's right the skeleton trio is here. Available in various colors and scents and with free shipping

Make sure you RSVP for the Joplin Meetup November 6th. It’s clothing optional, correct @RickBrandon ?

I'm going to keep posting this to get more people to come out to Joplin. I know we have plenty of producers in Missouri.

I've been waiting impatiently for someone to order this travel mug design from me, and FINALLY someone has! Can't wait to make it! 😁

👻You can always order later, but we make no promises after today that you will get them in time. So order TODAY!
💀Code: ITM at checkout gets you 10% off. And we ALWAYS offer free shipping!
👀Go here now:

I have these left from previous batches. The yellow is plumeria. Blue and white is fresh rain. The round is snicker doodles. Red is apple spice. The purple is garden after rain ( lavender, fresh rain, plumeria) all of them but the round is beeswax coconut blend. Round us straight coconut. 50 for the lot. Dm if interested. Also is you want more options here is my store. Just added vanilla and orange

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