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Well, kids, it's time for . Tonight's feature is "The Invisible Man" starring Claude Rains. Time in and enjoy.

As a payoff for all the hard work they put in this year, the kids were able to pie their tutors.

My oldest daughter's heathens are here for the weekend. Saturday morning cartoons are at the top of the agenda.

Watch "DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya (Official Music Video)" on YouTube

Watch "SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Music Video)" on YouTube

Watch "Star Wars Rumor | Lucasfilm Insider Speaks Out About Kennedy as Lucasfilm Civil War Rages On" on YouTube

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Made the video this morning. Finally managed to get it uploaded. Here's the link.

Please give it a share and spread it around.

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Just finished watching GVK with the wife and our oldest. Everyone enjoyed.
Shout out to @Klaatu
Thanks my friend.

MY question is why do people still care about the opinions of those who are paid WAY too much money to play a damn sport?

I'll probably never understand coffee shop people. I pay a similar amount for a jar of Folgers that coffee shop people pay for a single cup of sugary poison that has more junk added to it than I can even pronounce.
I prep the coffee maker before bed, set the timer, and go to bed. By the time I've finished my morning lifts and showered, the coffee is ready. I don't have to stand in line, deal with a "barista", or worry my order will be wrong.
I brew it.
I make it.
I drink it.
Nuff said.

Fuck off every propagandist trying to equate medical tyranny with "freedom". You have no fucking clue what freedom is. Freedom is that you DON'T INFRINGE RIGHTS. Real freedom does not come with conditions like masks or experimental drugs. Adding conditions means it's not freedom. It's coercion.

Watch "5 Strategies to Get What You Want Out of Life" on YouTube

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