Ahh, the good old days. Watching old episodes of Miami Airport 24/7. Story about ICE special flight deporting immigration detainees to Guatemala (unlike today when they fly them to the interior of the U.S.).

“A drug party without Hunter is no party at all.” - @MoeFactz

Codifying Roe v Wade would ultimately require a constitutional amendment. If Congress were to pass a bill codifying Roe v Wade, SCOTUS could declare it unconstitutional based on the 10th Amendment and the precedence of their recent decision.

“According to gun expert Lee Williams, “in the 11 months since Joe Biden declared war on ‘rogue gun dealers,’ the ATF has revoked 273 FFLs — an increase of more than 500%.””

House Judiciary Republicans Demands Answers From ATF Over Increase In Federal Firearm License Revocations


Would you be OK with giving the original 13 colonies back to England if they promised to also take back Harry & Meghan in the deal?

SCOTUS EPA and “remain in Mexico” decisions to be delivered tomorrow (Thursday, June 30).

@adam @johbcdvorak

Meta bans staff from open discussion of Roe v. Wade decision and is deleting internal messages that mention abortion: report.




The idea of separation of church and state is simple: No state (gov. on any level) shall adopt a state religion and thrust it onto the people.

This does NOT prevent the individual from exercising their constitutionally protected God given 1A right where ever they stand. Whether that be in public school or a gov. building.

The enemy has twisted the meaning and purpose of this idea and the protection of this right.

“Without identifying any of the individuals involved,…”

Cheney Ends Hearing By Presenting Evidence Trump Allies Are Tampering With Witnesses


Damn…the morning is almost over in Washington, DC and I find myself jonesing for a SCOTUS decision.

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