Wax up on the ceiling, pink LaCroix on ice
She said, we are all just prisoners here, to our phone device

Are there a lot of Pelicanheads in the no agenda nation? I heard a shout out today in the first donation section. I love Traveling Robert lol

If you haven’t watched his YouTube, check it out. He sneaks in a little no agenda lingo every now and then.

I know one of y’all end of show mixers wanna make Biden a parody of “ Livin on a prayer”

“Slippin on a stair”

“Woooah you were half way there..
Woooaaaohhh slippin on a stair”

I built a different kind of coffered ceiling this time 😎


@adam How dare you talk about my Governor MeeMaw! 😂 She’s 2 years YOUNGER than Joe Biden! And she grew up on a farm so you can’t give her mountain oysters and tell her it’s seafood!

(2of 2)

I don't believe that anybody
Coulda got past the coup, no way no how.

All the main stream media is lying
And all the big tech companies conspiring

There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I’m not allowed.

But maybe
It’s their turn to drive us crazy.
And after all
We got some border wall.

Show thread

I never got around to recording this end of show parody. It’ll sound better in your head anyway. (1 of 2)

Anywayz here’s “Borderwall”

Today is gonna be the day
That President Trump is through.
By now he should've somehow
Realized what he had to do.

I don't believe that anybody
Coulda got past the coup,
not even Sydney Powell.

Backbeat, the word is on the street
That our freedom of speech is out
It sure, looks like Orwell’s ‘84 but we’re really living in it now.

Just finished another Tape Measure Pencil Knife. Y’all don’t tell Adam I’m one of those “Hello Friends” people lol


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