Mario kicks ass! So, time for the next poll! We have the Halo main title theme, Sonic Green Zone theme or the Skyrim main theme. And, I'm adding the Chocobo theme from Final Fantasy. Vote em up! The winner will played next Tokin Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien on at or the No Agenda Stream at

@dowodenum @RevCyberTrucker @SirSpencer that was a fucking EPIC game with a brilliant soundtrack! And oh man, that reminded me of the Chrono Cross opening, Scars of Time. SO GOOD.


Chrono Cross has an amazing soundtrack, I still listen to it. Picked it up in Japan Town about 20 years ago

@dowodenum @RevCyberTrucker @SirSpencer

@leyonhjelm @RevCyberTrucker @SirSpencer @dowodenum ohhh, I'm jelly! That opening theme stuck with me all those years, that beautiful violin. Ahhhh.

@Laurien @leyonhjelm @SirSpencer @dowodenum I was entranced by the original Halo theme. It raised the bar for quality and production value. I still get goosebumps when I hear the choir ramp up.


A lot of people don't realize the soundtrack for Quake I was Nine Inch Nails

@Laurien @SirSpencer @dowodenum
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