We just got back from New Zealand, and it's time to pick where we head next! We can check out a shredtastic trio of ladies from Indonesia, some killer Punjabi metal straight from Mumbia or a group of Aussie gents with Irish punk flavor. Get your votes in quick, it's only a week til the next , exclusively on with @SirSpencer and Dame @Laurien!

@CarBlanez33 @SirSpencer @Laurien I need to be able to spend time with my mixer, but I try. A big rig with a reefer running isn't exactly a conducive environment for recording...

@RevCyberTrucker @SirSpencer @Laurien Understandable. Hearing that spot you did for BAB, you wouldn't know it.

@CarBlanez33 @SirSpencer @Laurien Most people might not be able to hear it. I can, even though I dropped my trailer and pulled 20 feet away.

@Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 @PG_Chrys @SirSpencer @Laurien I was born with COPD. I refuse to take an injection that hasn't been specifically declared safe for those with COPD, which the Coof vac hasn't been. Medical exemption.

@PG_Chrys just my luck, I'd get some masochist N.A. *poke* "Hey, you mind backing out a bit, you're touching my brain..."


i posted video
you cannot speak to your neighbor or anyone
you cannot speak or carry on a conversation
do not speak or carry on any conversation anywhere
especially supermarkets

this is a country flyin'' hard on crazy

@PG_Chrys Sounds more like a country on a death spiral straight to open insurrection.

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