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After getting out a day late, I still need to plan next week's episode! Which song is up next? We have Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the ever festive Deck the Halls. Vote for your fave and listen for the winner live on with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien, 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central on the No Agenda Stream at or at ITB and ITM y'all.

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Toy instruments fuckin rock! Keeping up the unusual instrument theme, we still have the bagpipes, sitar and tuba! Let me know which one and check out the winner on the next , exclusively on with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien! Listen on the No Agenda Stream at or at

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The Spooktacular may be over, but we have a month of unusual instruments to vote on! I've got a decent number of songs to put out, so tell me which ones you'd like to hear! Catch the winner on the next episode of , Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien on the stream or directly on! Remember to keep the show going by making a Stonation!

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India rocked! It's time to jet off to a new metal destination! For the next , pick from a trio of ladies from Indonesia, Irish flavored punksters from Australia or a heavier than tungsten Samoan group. Trust me, you can't go wrong, no matter what you choose! Hear the winning destination exclusively on , live every at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame @Laurien!

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Where should we go for the next ?

Just had a discussion with my broker, XPO.

Broker: Just give me a call or text when you arrive.

Me: Don't you have access to the data in your app? You know, the one I use to show that I arrived/left the shipper/receiver?

Broker: Yes, but...

Me (interrupting): Then why are you calling me?

Broker: ...

Me: Stop calling me to ask redundant questions. *click*

11 years ago today, I decided to hop in the car and drive about four hours to Cannabis Revival in Joplin with @SirSpencer -- and the rest is history!

Happenings or not, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Grateful to journey through time and space sharing this abundant, bountiful life co-hosting with you!

I hate apps and services that refuse to stop asking for reviews. From now on, all of my reviews will be a generic form letter. "I'm writing this review for one purpose, to get this damned service/app to stop begging me to review it before I get pissed enough to cancel/uninstall this service/app."

It’s Fri-yay, y’all, and you know what that means @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I will put in some sweat equity to ensure The Lotus will be in full Effect tomorrow afternoon at 4pm Central!

This week’s refire topic is: what’s your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? Tell us at 253-237-3321!

Listen live:
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Past shows:

@Effortless pretty sure those felons he "murdered" weren't allowed to vote in the first place.

@adam Do you have a recommendation for aviation headsets? I need to replace my Chinesium truckers headset and I'm tired of headsets that only last 6 months at best. I can get adaptors for Gen, Mil and helicopter connectors, so the jack types are not important.

Been looking for a decent headset for my phone. I'm not very happy with the current crop of cheap-assed trucker tiaras. Flimsy plastic and lots of empty space with tiny batteries for $400?!? Seriously considering an aviation headset with USB C adaptor.

Ok petalheads, time to vote on this weeks show topic by picking one of the following menu items. All will be revealed Saturday at 4pm Central on The Lotus Effect!

Meanwhile, listen to the debauchery @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I cooked up In The Blossom with @RevCyberTrucker last Saturday, titled Gold Cap Rush.

Episode 46 of The Lotus Effect is now available. @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I discuss life and the afterlife with @RevCyberTrucker. Enjoy!

If you're around this Saturday evening, join us for some tunes and talk! to listen live (or on ZeroNode) to chat live

@PhoneBoy and I are enjoying our stream and some homemade bacon, egg and cheddar breakfast bowls. Join us at 4pm Central for The Lotus Effect where today we will be talking spooks and not the 3 letter government agency kind with @RevCyberTrucker. Call 253-237-3321 and tell us your thoughts on the “afterlife”. Leave us a VM or call in Live to be part of the conversation or if you have a question for SirRevCyberTrucker. Https://

Mrs CyberTrucker had an idea, but it was small and burned out. (Her words)

@RevCyberTrucker The sinner who attacked our lord and savior Saint Rittenhouse Karma biting him hard !

Excuse me, have you accepted Kyle Rittenhouse as your personal Lord and Savior?

This message is endorsed by the Church Of Rittenhouse.

You make 10 meals, you're "not a cook." You make 20 paintings, you're "not an artist." But you kill ONE PERSON...

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