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After getting out a day late, I still need to plan next week's episode! Which song is up next? We have Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the ever festive Deck the Halls. Vote for your fave and listen for the winner live on with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien, 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central on the No Agenda Stream at or at ITB and ITM y'all.

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Toy instruments fuckin rock! Keeping up the unusual instrument theme, we still have the bagpipes, sitar and tuba! Let me know which one and check out the winner on the next , exclusively on with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien! Listen on the No Agenda Stream at or at

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The Spooktacular may be over, but we have a month of unusual instruments to vote on! I've got a decent number of songs to put out, so tell me which ones you'd like to hear! Catch the winner on the next episode of , Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien on the stream or directly on! Remember to keep the show going by making a Stonation!

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India rocked! It's time to jet off to a new metal destination! For the next , pick from a trio of ladies from Indonesia, Irish flavored punksters from Australia or a heavier than tungsten Samoan group. Trust me, you can't go wrong, no matter what you choose! Hear the winning destination exclusively on , live every at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame @Laurien!

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Where should we go for the next ?

TONIGHT @IllumiNadia joins @SirSpencer and I in the Bowl ✨LIVE✨ at 9 PM Central for another Bowls with Buds!

Call and leave a voicemail to say hi or ask Nadia a question:

(816) 607-3663

PLUS we'll get to hear this week's video game from @RevCyberTrucker! 🤘🏻

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Missed the livestream today because I went to the range with a bud and his older neighbor.
While about to squeeze of a shot I heard my friend say something about a 30 round mag.
The neighbor says, as though we didn’t know, 30 rounds is illegal in California.
I pop my head up and say Fuck California.
We then decided I should run for Governor on a strict Fuck California platform.

Hi, I’m Murray_N. Vote for me and Fuck California.

Ok. New phone all set up and ready rock. Should be good to go for BWBs on Friday.

There's still a day left to pick a video game theme metal cover! Get over to and chose a game, then head over to every , live at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien to hear the winner!

How about that Sonic speed metal? Definitely got replay value. Time for another game! Master Chief is still on deck, Skyrim too, or maybe some Chocobo racing! Get them votes in and listen to the winning cover on , live every at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien at or the No Agenda Stream at! ITB!

Join @SirSpencer and I ✨LIVE✨ in the Bowl TONIGHT at 9 PM Central for Episode 127 of .

Tune in to find out what video game tune the Bowlers decided @RevCyberTrucker should bring for this and tell us about the First Time YOU Ever saw a UFO!


Call, text, or send pics:
(816) 607-3663

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I’m clearly immune to Rona.
My beloved wife has it and I sleep right next to her. Hell, she double dipped a chip and I ate after her. Her sister: flat on her back.
Half her school: dead
Me: “Where the white women at?”

Just put my 2 week notice in at my Woke SF tech company! Looking for Engineering positions, anything non woke would be great. Currently in San Diego but willing to move. I am thinking Florida or Texas.

@RevCyberTrucker eventually Flynn will get to that point, but for now she's still betting that she'll get treats or early meals out of me.

So triple vaxed AOC has been seen maskless and hugging her way across Miami and now she’s gone and caught the coof.
I was told there would be horse paste memes.

You must tie yourself to a bed and spank yourself!
In fact, we all need a good spanking!

I fired myself from cleaning my truck. I don't like my attitude, and I caught myself watching youtube on the job.

Bustin' out the first bud of 2022, @Laurien and I are joined in the Bowl by @Boo_BuryMothman

We talk about the Mothman's Black Knighting, his "Like Wine" art for Able and the Wolf, value for value merch and a lot more!

Thanks to producers:

@cam @cottongin

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