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India rocked! It's time to jet off to a new metal destination! For the next , pick from a trio of ladies from Indonesia, Irish flavored punksters from Australia or a heavier than tungsten Samoan group. Trust me, you can't go wrong, no matter what you choose! Hear the winning destination exclusively on , live every at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central with @SirSpencer and Dame @Laurien!

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Where should we go for the next ?

RSS feed from NoAgendaTube for Animated No Agenda is being retarded.

Tuesday dinner meetup may be an impromptu Bowl After Bowl Meetup with a bonus recording of Metal Moment.

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I may be driving from KS to VA (personal vehicle) in a day or two. Traveling across I70, I64, I79 and US 33. *Magic Number jingle* Lookin for impromptu lunch / dinner dates. One or two peeps, I'm buying. If you wanna bring the whole clan, it'll have to be Dutch.

15 days of no @shebang. No wonder I got the shakes, I'm Jonesin.

Do I look better in pictures or in person? Listen, if I looked good in either I wouldn't be driving a truck and trying to avoid people.

Got so high with friends once that we searched for Bobby for a half hour while he helped us look.

Heater is out on the truck. Had to break out my synth-down comforter last night.

Watch "One-Armed Drummer Plays "Duality" by Slipknot" on YouTube 

Dude is a sick ass drummer with one arm, imagine if he had two.

Alright, fellow Producers. I have a friend in MS who will possibly lose her SSI status over this vax shit. She contracted coxsavkievirus at 20, it attacked her pericardian and leaves her susceptible to pericarditis. Because of this, she refuses any experimental Coof jab. If she loses her SSI, she will also lose her home. Let's help her secure a home before Uncle Joe can ruin her life.

I hate people who fake service animals. This dog couldn't stay by his owners side, took 8 tries to get him to sit, and tried to knock over a trash can.

I've never really kept track of my miles, but if I average everything out, I have a lot of miles. So, I'm marking today as my official 1.75 million accident and ticket free miles achievement.

Phone, tablet, watch and headset charged. Check. Truck inspection. Check. Seal intact. Check. Monster Mug full. Check. Dab in the pen. Check. Asshole cat has food / water. Check.

It's getting really hard to ignore the voices in my head. Fuckers are texting me now.

"Dames and Knights! Girls and Boys! Put your hand together, and make some noise, for Sir DarrenO and his one-and-only Rock 'n' Roll Pre-Show!"

Had my identity stolen yesterday. My credit is so bad, the thief brought it back 20 minutes later and gave me a fiver to boot.

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