MSNBC has an obsession of people were at bars tonight waiting for Irma landfall

If Trump's "both sides" is a "dog whistle" for racism, how are his opponents able to hear it as such?

So I'm catching up with squaddies from an old game we played and I'm trying to describe No Agenda and my feelings on what has been going on lately.

I mention how the has a narrative, mischaracterizes comments, and outright lies about events.

To sum it up, I said, "Ideology is the new race."

All those human shaped dildos screaming about this or that race is inferior. That's old school. Now you are inferior if you don't share their mindhive, borg ideology. Is it me or does it seem that this Anglin character is a bad actor that is an extreme liberal pretending to convert to extreme racist?

Has anyone noticced DWS and HRC are zero degrees separated from the Muslim Brotherhood?

Fun experiment. Fill this out in one browser with ethnicity set to 'white' and in another with it set to 'mixed race' and 'other'.

Exact same answers, exact same timing on the timed parts. (used a metronome)

Set to white I got "Your data suggests a moderate automatic preference for White people compared to Black people".

Set to mixed race I got "Your data suggest no automatic preference between Black people and White people."

@kfist @fl0wn What an asshole. Specifically asking for a report, with details (creatrix didn't use the reporting system) is now considered harassment. Fuck that. THEY broke federation with a block. 'You accuse those of what you are guilty of yourself"

Here's another one of these memes! I just LOVE these! 😂

Netflix gets hacked. CBS news hour takes plenty of time to tell you how Orange is the New Black had a new season coming out soon. I'm guessing this is marketing, especially with the writers strike about to take place.

Ok "alt right KKK Nazi dude bro free speech quadroons" needs to be turned into a jingle

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