"It's important to make accommodations for differently-abled non-biologists like KBJ," said SCOTUS Clerk Michael Qian. "We are excited that Ketanji will not only be here to represent women of color, but people of mental confusion as well."

After months of anticipation, Congress has finally unveiled the release schedule for all the upcoming installments in the January 6th universe! babylonbee.com/news/congress-u

Emperor Palpatine's office has announced the construction of a bigger and even more powerful Death Star equipped with a 9mm. The Death Star's blast is said to be so powerful it can blow the core out of a planet. babylonbee.com/news/emperor-pa

Veterans Affairs Denies Life-Saving Lung Transplant to Unvaccinated Veteran
This is sick. The VA Docs even refuse to make the referral to a hospital that does not require accepting the vaccine into your life.. the VA does not do these transplants them so they always refer them.. just not this time because of let’s not dance around it… a political issue.

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Now there is #Ryzen as an #option available with the #Starbook by @starlabsltd. Visit their #store now to get 5% pre-order discount automatically applied to your #order: starlabs.systems/pages/starboo

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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New feature with Mastodon v3.5.0: Automatic post deletion.

If your account has 100k+ posts, please consider enabling this feature. Especially if you upload a lot of media!

Return the bits and bucket and enable automatic post deletion!

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