Boost this toot if you had Napster in the 90s

@Reanne13 I first saw it in my friend's dorm room in 2000, I had no idea what it was but pretty soon the whole block had it. My MP3 copy of Coldplay's 'Parachutes' to this day is from there. Sorry I didn't use it for something cooler.

Don't be sorry! Great story: I got booted off for having a Roy Orbison song lol

@Reanne13 That's harsh. Lars Ulrich got revenge for you.

@sullybiker ha! Dude, even ppl here in Germany think . Lars Ulrich is a bag of douche.

I had that one after! And at one point something called Limewire

@Reanne13 For Christmas 1997, I made my Dad a mixtape (burned to CD) of his favorites. We would sit around and say “certainly you can’t get this song” search for it and there it was. The one that made us sure Napster had every song ever recorded was the Muppets “Menah Menah”. (Doot doooo, do doo doot)

@SirDorianMode Agreed! Learning to pirate music improved my life. I'm old enough that I used to make mixed tapes the old fashioned way, too.
Long live analogue!

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