Next year they're going to change it from a housing lottery to a Hunger Games style competition. Maybe make the kids outrun snowmobiles on cross country skis?

Do your part to help fight the Wuhan Flu! What's the harm?

"It did, however, include dates of birth; employer information; COVID symptoms experienced and date of onset; the date, type and results of COVID-19 tests taken; underlying health conditions; whether the person had gotten a flu shot; and any school or child care used by the contact, he said. The information was accessible and able to be downloaded between Oct. 1 and Dec. 14."

One thing that constantly haunts me after reading Atlas Shrugged years ago is the thread throughout the novel of things just falling apart from neglect, to the point that even simple tasks become impossible.

Apparently, is buying the makers not only of my current watch but the same company that bought out Pebble Inc and the IMO the greatest smartwatch ever made!

I guess I'm looking for a new watch. looks like a great candidate at only $25!

He seems to be proud of that print over the fireplace...

Former members of congress Dr Ron Paul and Tulsi Gabbard join alternative platforms

Paul joins Odysee, a promising YouTube competitor, and Gabbard joined Locals, a new Patreon alternative. @ReclaimTheNet

In an alternate universe, I start a dark new wave punk band called The Disease which is always compared favorably to The Cure.

Survey at the office. If the vaccine were available today, at no cost to you, would you take it? Yes/NO

My response was no, so "if no why" applied to me.

The tip about self-sacrificing your spot in line is worth at least $5 in value for value:

Wow YouTube has even taken out the presidents speeches from news reports.. this is disgusting unfortunately due to 4yrs of programming most ppl around the world will think it's appropriate and can't see what is coming.... it's like watching a car crash and knowing there is no way you can stop it

2, Electric Boogaloo.

First State of Emergency was in effect from April through May of 2020.

The 2nd State of Emergency (covering the Tokyo / Kanto area) was declared initially on 07-Jan-2021. Today 13-Jan-2021 the State of Emergency coverage is to be expanded to more prefectures of (including the area where I am.)

'Someone Is Going To Die': Grim Preseason Prediction Debunked as College Football Season Ends with Zero Fatalities

"University of Illinois computer science professor Dr. Sheldon Jacobson was one of those coronavirus scolds who rang the alarm bells the loudest with his prediction that up to seven people would die from the virus if college football continued.

“I guarantee someone is going to die,” Jacobson told CBS Sports in June."

In George Orwell classic "1984" (which used to be taught in school but now has become an instruction manual) they have a term for this kind of speech... Doublespeak

Another term in the book that looks awfully familiar is Newspeak where new words that new meanings are given to old words and abbreviations are added to oversimplify and confuse the masses.

1984 & Fahrenheit 451 should be standard education material, at minimum

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