left the house today for the first time in 12 days to get groceries. here in Lake Stevens, WA, i didn't see many masks at all. The grocery store was well stocked and there were a lot of people out walking, bicycling, and plenty of traffic.

i'm glad i moved away from bigger cities

Comcast is always hiring somewhere. Entry level positions receive company training and benefits.


And just like that, I wake up this morning to find out I am totally qualified to produce personal protection equipment. All I have to do is watch a YouTube video. Who knew?

I love this simply because there's something in this video at some point or the other to offend just about everyone!

It didn't hurt that I thought the lead singer was pretty hot... perhaps because she's wearing a lot less makeup that a lot of her friends, lol

Enjoy the veritable feast of outright debauchery that is...

Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgeous


You won't find this shit on Youtube any more... you were warned!

I went to Trader Joe’s this evening and there was a woman walking around covering her face with her vest. Ok, I studied immunology in college. That face covering is useless. There are probably more germs on your vest than in the air. In fact, if we didn’t have an immune system, we’d die 12 times every hour. It’s an amazing system. Trust it.

Attn: Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh area producers: my employer, S1 Safety, is hiring Temperature Screeners to fill immediate need on construction sites. 3 in ATL, 3 in Charlotte, 2 in Raleigh. EMT cert or better would be nice, but NO CERT REQUIRED. Training, Equipment, and PPE provided. $22/hour for AT LEAST 8 weeks.

Reports: Residents In Wuhan Believe Coronavirus Is 100 TIMES WORSE Than Chinese Government Says

Half a Million Chinese People Entered America at the Height of the Coronavirus Outbreak

@adam a thought: With all these businesses allowing extended grace periods for payments during the crisis, what will happen to the credit scores for the people who take them up on the offer?

You should try Strava
Join me on Strava! You can track your runs and rides, and we can follow each other's activities. Check it out here: strava.app.link/NurVDxzjo5

For work video conf calls I need a green screen and one of those coooool covid cgi's floating behind me like the news channels

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