I’ve been harvesting raspberries and blackberries every day for a few weeks now… not sure what the total poundage is but I would guess I’ve got 8-10lbs of raspberries. I’m starting to get tired of berry picking… the only thing I’ve really made so far was a small test batch of jam which was good but too sweet so I’m going to make more with less sugar next time. Anyone got any favorite berry recipes??

Ok DK what’s with it but was Bethlehem Steel’s ticker symbol.

Mini road trip along CO rt 114 and the Dolores River.

Driggs Mansion - Laurence Driggs homesteaded 320 acres in order to be close to water, his mining claims, and those views.

The Montrose Placer Mining Company built the Hanging Flume in the 1880s to facilitate gold mining. It took 3 years to build and only operated for 3 years before the mine went bust.

Photos taken with Skydio 2 drone. No way I'd get that close to landmarks with DJI!

Seems just wrong to me... software bug?...Spain hit by biggest solar radiation decline in 28 years in March – pv magazine International 

Colorado sucks worse than I suspected.
State Kicks Former Military Vehicles Off the Road youtu.be/3AYveLopG88

After a over a year my body mechanic has finished my classic truck restore 😁😁😁

Fmr. Senate Sgt-At-Arms Michael Stenger Dies Ahead Of Last-Minute J6 Hearing
Stenger suggested that the alleged role of "professional agitators" needed to be investigated.


Never watched the instructional video, so I have a question: Do we have to fill out some form or does the handmaid just show up?

I have absolutely no use for the number lock key and I was sick of accidentally pressing it 30 times a day. Fuck you. Don’t want ya. Don’t need ya.

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