@MountainJay We have had one for most of the year. Besides the outbreak of COVID I can’t say it caused anything health wise. I’m not a fan of big brother power companies but where I live we have no choice. There is so much radio and other waves passing through us who can say what is or is not harmful?

When asked about Ukrainian Joe always says, “I did my job.” Not exactly a denial is it?

@Bishop Stop secretly filming your self having sex then!

I’m going to make sure you all are going to be equal because you will all be poor!

@Dullknife Chevron took a huge loss in the fourth quarter last year and shut it all down.

I see more Trump signs in my part of PA than signs for Joe. So...

Chemical exposure explains a lot with Joe

As a Pennsylvanian Incan say we don’t want fracking and it has not been going on since the beginning of the year because it’s not cost effective right now!!

Can we capture the emissions from Joe’s mouth?

Let me cut you off to let Joe put his ass back on

Solar and wind is not the fastest growing industry you mental midget

The point of no return just keeps moving like Lucy with the football.

Fuck climate change. It changes in spite of man! Always has and always will.

You have been trying to change the mandatory minimums? Since when? And why did his son not get a drug conviction?

He pours gas on the racist fires I started

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