When all the sanctions are done crippling the EU, USA and the rest of the nations that we bullied into them, what will they do next?

State game agencies are issuing special permits to allow hunters to shoot deer with COVID-19 vaccinations.

I’m really getting fucking sick and tired of having to do extra re-work because of the mother fucking gross incompetence of dumb ass, shit for brains co-workers who couldn’t be trusted to watch their own reflection.

I’m on my fourth cup of coffee for the day. May God have mercy on anyone that sets me off.

Poland should be careful going to far in with the US. Look how we’ve fucked over Ukraine as just one example.

Some days I really think it would be better to live alone on a private island where the only issue is if Wilson is going to give me any back talk today.

Just got an email from my company asking if we wanted to come into the office for a day to socialize and have pizza on a Monday.

My response was. No thank you.

What I wanted to say was: Not a chance in Hell do I want to come in on a Monday to be closer to people I don’t like and eat cheap shitty pizza.

Happy Birthday @Johncdvorak, have a great one Buzzkill 👍🏻

Reacher on Amazon is like watching Sheldon from Big Bang Theory if he was a trained killer.

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