Well here we go! Another fucking executive order to look into “fixing” the Supreme Court and Federal Courts from the Puppet in Chief.

The day after the climate show drops, so does Prince Philip. Coincidence?

@adam and @Johncdvorak Around last January or February you were talking about the trade deal China had signed after Trump’s tariffs had put them in the ropes. In that deal was a clause that basically let China out of the deal if some global event happened. Then along comes COVID.

Man , Biden’s speech writer is a moron. @adam and @Johncdvorak Pennsylvania is home to the Lincoln Highway! We also had one of the first Toll Turnpikes.

AOC really has no filter between her brain and mouth. Otherwise all the dumb shit that pourers out would be caught and she would be a mime.

Fuck off every propagandist trying to equate medical tyranny with "freedom". You have no fucking clue what freedom is. Freedom is that you DON'T INFRINGE RIGHTS. Real freedom does not come with conditions like masks or experimental drugs. Adding conditions means it's not freedom. It's coercion.

I’m tired of wind, solar and hydroelectric energy being called renewable energy. We don’t do anything to renew them. They are sustainable energy sources.

@adam @Johncdvorak The vaccine day song you play yesterday is a parade song done by The Holderness family. They have been making fun of this lock down the whole time.

For those who want to see it here is the link to the YouTube video of the song.


Showing valid ID to vote does not equal discrimination. It prevents voter fraud. Funny how hard politicians fight to keep voter ID laws from happening.

Oh so now the filI buster needs to go. How convenient Sleepy Joe wants to get rid of it because it I holding him up.

@adam @Johncdvorak Drove past the grocery store yesterday. There was a woman loading her groceries into the back of her SUV. She was wearing a mask and rubber examination gloves. She was taking each item out of the cart, wiping it down completely with a Clorox wipe and then putting it into a reusable bag in the back of the SUV.

It also plays into our shift back to war in the Middle East as well.

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Anyone else think that perhaps the FBI let the Colorado shoot happen as both a return to the six week cycle and to give the Dems and Sleepy Joe a reason to try and take guns away from the public?

Well with this pick it looks like a lot more infrastructure projects will get done since her family has lots of practice with slavery.

Up until the shooting in ATL I was not aware of any “Asian hate crimes” going on in their country. Odd that if it’s been so prevalent throughout COVID why is the M5M just now reporting on it?

The obvious answer is that this is all bullshit cooked up by the M5M to further divide the country and keep everyone hating each other.

The conspiracy theorists in me wonders is this is somehow tied to people wanting to call COVID the Chinese Flu.

Nothing like turning a former movie theater into something truly terrifying but, only by appointment!

See what happens when you challenge The Putin 🇷🇺 ?

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