I’m not a COVID denier. I believe there is COVID and it does kill people. Just like the flu is real and kills people.

What I’m against is the overdone response to COVID and the outright lying about the numbers and the effectiveness of the “vaccines”.

Now, some who got the “vaccine” are starting to question why the government is pushing so hard for everyone to get the shot.

Why are they pushing so hard when the science is becoming overwhelming that the “vaccines” are not that effective?

Listening to the end of show 1380 and just heard the clip of John Legend pulling the reverse, I have lots of friends that are white. Some of them are even conservative. LOL

I get a little chuckle from my wife when she mentions something about COVID and the “vaccine” that she reads about online because I have to keep saying, “You’re right about that and they brought up the same point last week on No Agenda.”

I feel she’s slowly coming to the same conclusion the rest of us have months ago, this whole thing is a lie and a scam.

@adam and @Johncdvorak While shopping in my local grocery store today I heard them play an ad for the pharmacy over the store speakers. It was for the “flu shot”. As you have mentioned before only the COVID shot has been advertised as a “vaccine”, when it clearly isn’t.

Can someone start impeachment procedures against the potato in the White House already!

I’ll never forget a former employer that commemorated 9/11 by giving all the employees an American flag pin, made in China.

Wow!! The amount of twisted “logic” it took to arrive at this must have made black holes envious of the gravity well of stupidity.

In this graphic straight from the article we see that the COVID shot is even less effective than the flu shot!

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We’re moving every so closer to the M5M having to admit that this whole “vaccine” thing is a complete lie!

Some Vaccines Last a Lifetime. Here’s Why Covid-19 Shots Don’t. (Hint: it’s because they are not vaccines!)


I really believe much of this global supply chain shortage is extremely artificial. China is using this as an excuse to put pressure on other countries to influence them towards a Chinese ruler.


Just heard from a friend that the company they work for has decided to force all the employees to get vaxed. There is someone they know who is pregnant and doesn’t want to get the vax, not because they don’t want it, because they don’t want to have anything happen to then baby. Now they have to decide if their job is more important than their unborn child. This is beyond the pale. This madness must stop.

Saw this on one of those big signs listing the stores in a shopping plaza today. Cracked me up.

Notice how this picture makes it look like he’s being viewed through a scope on a rifle?

Her is something far more real and impactful then the “Delta” variant.

US states brace for ‘avalanche’ of evictions as federal moratorium ends


They really are looking to set up Universal Basic Income.

Biden administration says long Covid can be considered a disability under law


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