Okay who payed to turn on @SirBemrose Auto Rant mode? Was it you @darrenoneill ? Will Elon be trying to disable this in the future? LOL loved the latest Grumpy Old Bens. Can’t wait for the VD show this 14th of February.

I guess Steven King must listen to @SirBemrose since he dumped Facebag. LOL

Yes!!! @SirBemrose mentioned me on Grumpy Old Bens with @darrenoneill on show number 46. My year has been made. Thank you both so munch.

Well @SirBemrose I automatically have dismissed everything your brother said based on the fact he works sales for a cable company. I consider that below used car salesmen.

So tired of hearing about WW3. Sheep forget we’ve been in war for 20 years now!!!

@adam The revolution is televised. That’s part of how they won. Now the sleeping masses worry about who’s doing who or the sports ball. There is little independent though anymore. Thanks in large part to TV.

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose You really need more shows with Fucking Larry. Your normal shows are always great. Add Larry and it becomes truly magical.

Forgot Hamilton. This years’ best new musical has to be, ‘Nothing but a Dame’!! No other show can compare.

It's the first Thursday of the week! Come rock out with me before the No Agenda Show starts at 11AM Central! noagendastream.com

Also trying out the webcam again: dlive.tv/voidzero hope it will work this time!

@SirBemrose Just want to say love you on Grumpy Old Bens!! Keep on ranting, it’s one of my favorite parts.

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