Joe said last night, “The polls are open on time and they stay open until every vote is counted.” So.... as long as they bus in “voters” the polls should stay open??

How did I miss the stupid bastard comment last night!?

Don’t expect good paying jobs under a Biden Presidency to be $15 an hour! No they will be a “prevailing”wage. What ever the hell that is.

Shut up slaves and weatheriz your buildings.

Come on man! Is it any surprise to listeners of the Best Podcast in the Universe that last night’s debate was “moderated” that biased? As @adam and @Johncdvorak have said, FOX is a Democratic run organization.

Wow Joe’s son spent a whole year in Iraq. Doing what we don’t know. However he did get a “conspicuous” service letter. LOL

Biden says buy American and then lists industry that him and others have forced or let move overseas. What a clown.

One thing that Trump missed last night was when Biden would accuse him of being on the golf course, Trump should have responded with “Joe you spent the whole Summer hidden in your basement.”

When asked about reopening the economy and why he is more reluctant to do so Joe said, “Because he doesn’t have a plan. If I was running that I would know what the plan was.”

I know of no one in my close family or extended family that act died as a result of COVID. Yet I do have a relative that died from the Swine Flu.

Joe blames Trump for shutting down the economy yet says he should not open it back up.

I would say that only 200,000 supposed deaths from COVID is not significant at all. Given that the population of the America is 382.2 million (2019 number). That means a death rate of 0.000609756097560976

Joe said “Of the 200,000 people that have died, how many of them have survived?”

According to Joe a pregnant woman gets changed more than a pregnant man without the affordable care act?!

Rewatching the debate because I need a laugh this morning.

The No Agenda debate roots were great. Thank you all fellow shitizens.

What was the total number of Rona deaths that Biden was using?

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