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Getting my cup ready for another dose of No Agenda juice.

Swollen amygdalas: stand by for shrinkage!

Join us in the troll room to get triggered like a bazooka:

Have a great show everybody!! <3

Looks like most of it was lifted too. @nbcsnl looking at both sets of the No Agenda Biden cards. Someone could see it as plagiarism for sure.

Harrison, North Carolina: Looks like SNL owes @Therealdvorak some money for copying his idea!!!

Full-List of bots:

if anyone is bored, check out some RANDOM PODCASTS on and let me if you like it or if something could be improved or fixed! πŸ€—

sharing my 2 funniest moments from the trump rally in nevada:

trump goes "born to be president.. aiaiaiai, what a sick puppy"

black dude reading messages from the donations goes "omg this opera is killing me" as the background opera music is crazy loud :D


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