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Posted my first video just now. Still learning the software and such but not bad for a first try I suppose. The vid is a quick motorcycle ride up Gold Camp Road and back. Filmed the ride back. Features Driving Song by yours truly.
Future vids will be a little further out of town and I’ll do some static shots to break things up a bit

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-Rad Grand Dad Rocks-

Please check out my latest creation.
A little R&B Soul Rock mix.

Test mix to check levels and quality on different playback sources.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Also, I’m up for some collaboration with vocals if anyone is interested.

Death Panels wouldn’t happen but if you aren’t vaccinated you should be denied care if you get covid

I got me one of these yesterday but that doesn’t mean I will be rooting for a Mercedes F1 team. I just can’t afford a Ferrari 🤷‍♂️

My Mortal Lists:
Bucket List: Things I hope to do before I die
Fuckit List: People I hope to do before I die
Duckit List: Things I hope "They" do after I die
Muckit List: Places I hope to poo before I die
Nunchuckit List: People I hope to hit with nunchucks before I die
Nantucket List: List of places I hope I don't die

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