Uh oh 😳
Well...he's doing a good job in Ottawa.


I mostly lurk after my brain shuts down...usually by the Birthdays segment.


It was just really odd that they were all *right* there.


Yeah, I've been jumping around from one to the other. And Travel Fun 69 is a dumb name. But so is QTpuff 🤪


There isn't. I think I just didn't enjoy myself, that was the problem.

I'm watching an Ottawa livestream and someone got a bit shitty with the cops. Now they are dragging the poor dork away.
And the Big Cameras were right on it.
Funny how that works, eh?


Aw, thanks.

The fact that I even care though is concerning.

My performance in the NA Trollroom ™️was abysmal today.

"We are all Canadians now."
- some wise Canadian livestreamer
18 Wheels, Up against the Wall.

Watch "18 Wheels" on YouTube

Can't you see that We're So Screwed
Can't you see we're Archon Food?

He's got people fighting again. Heh.

Watch "Jordan Peterson Is ANGRY W/ Joe Rogan" on YouTube


Yucky yikes.

It's...Blowfly Girl! (Just look it up guys, please don't make me explain.)

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