I hate asking but...HELP, we need Heat karma.
Almost out of oil. Delivery was due Monday but now the company can't give an ETD. Either they are really short on help or they are hurting for oil. They won't say what happened.
I would suck it up and deal, but I feel myself getting sick.

You gave karma!
Hope you can find a propane or electric heater to make due until they come.


Ty 😊 welp, my friend next door has a wood burning stove. I can always go over there to warm up but...I just don't want to get him sick of this is the Thing my body is fighting off.

@QTpuff of course! You've got HEAT KARMA++ ...I hope you have a couple of emergency space heaters around, but if not, you can always put a fan in front of an open oven. Not exactly cheap, but better than freezing your tail!


Ty vox. I forgot about the fan in front of the oven thing.

Anyways...the oil has been delivered, crisis averted 🙂

@QTpuff also...If you feel the beginnings of an infection, pour some olive leaf on it immediately! Along with the standard zinc, C, and D, of course. Olive leaf alters the viral membrane so that it can't penetrate your healthy cells for replication purposes. It's birth control for viruses, and it WORKS!


Olive leaf, hm. I haven't heard of that before!

Looked it you recommend the liquid or capsule form?

@QTpuff I buy it whole and grind it myself in small batches. You can get a pound on Amazon for...I don't remember exactly, but around 25 bucks. It lasts for more than six months, less than a year. The reason I prefer it this way is because as soon as the leaf is crushed our ground, more of the surface is exposed to air, and it starts degrading, so the fresher the better. If that's too much hassle for you, tincture is better than capsules.

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