Why anarchy won't work?
"That's what they pay people for!!!"
Cart Narcs out.


@QTpuff this was made all the better by:
1. The lazy ass has a Leaf
2. The fact the filmer kept to such stone cold Church-Lady-Language the whole time!


Yes, I know, the Leaf.

This dude has nerves of steel.

Chaos... I feel so guilty to be amused by all of this. Perhaps this happens in Korea too. I have the peace of not understanding the language here.



IDK...if he approached me on the wrong day, I might react like this woman, lie, I would just take the buggie (cart) back like a Good Citizen, then give him the finger and drive off.

@QTpuff @jessecoynelson instead of discussing it and trying to start a conversation, he should have just repeated himself over and over: put your cart back, put your cart back, you're blocking a space, just put your cart back

@sirJoho @jessecoynelson

Yeah, but he's doing a comedy bit for his radio show he works for, so he had to do the discussion thing so things would get spicy.

I wonder if grocery stores deployed drones to do the same job, how would people react? I'm guessing most would OBEY.

@Kaiserhase @jessecoynelson

Heh, no worries.

The latest. This almost got very nasty.
They should pay me for delivering their
C O N T E N T.

You DON'T even know... I needed to procrastinate a bit because I 'm moving. That filled 50 minutes... ha!

The more that I watched, I sided with the Cart Narc. Some of the exchanges were hilarious 😀

Here's what they do in Korea... you don't return your cart, you lose your deposit.


I'm guessing they don't pay in Korea to collect the buggies, er, I mean carts. (I like the US Southern word for them.)

Exactly... it's only a dime, but everyone wants it back 💲

Or you pay 10 cents for someone to do it for you. But in general, Koreans are somewhat conformist.

@sirJoho @jessecoynelson

Oh course He would. He'd put all the Lazybones' carts away FOR them too.

@QTpuff I'd like to see that guy to go to Texas and try that, he'd be shot in the first five minutes.

@QTpuff I see nothing but peace, love, and happiness! 😂
Come on, that dude is a jerk. He's like the government saying 'you can't', people getting upset about it and wasting all their time arguing instead of ignoring the bastards. All she had to do was just drive away...but nope.

@QTpuff This is exactly reason 8,326 for people to carry. Not expressly to scare or intimidate, not to brandish.

But if this woman had a pistol on her hip...she doesn't even have to touch it, mention it, or gesture towards it in any way...but simply by existing this clown would have immediately passed her on by for another target and this woman wouldn't have to be immortalized breaking down emotionally on the internet.

@QTpuff 😅 This is quite a bit above and beyond.

@QTpuff holy shit the USA is a shit country. Obviously it's cyberbullying, openly it's pure harassment, on video. I hope this white trash piece of crap gets kicked off youtube.


Yes, I hear you...probably won't happen, unless enough people Report him.

@QTpuff Sounds like Fixit Felix Jnr's got too much time on his hands these days.

@QTpuff I think what this guy is doing is great! The only way I would change my take is if the woman had brought a cart from way out where she parked and was simply putting it back where she found it. This is bad citizenship.


It's an incredible sociological
experiment, done as a comedy bit.

@QTpuff That was a nice video for my lunch break. Thanks.

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