I have donated my time and talent... but only a little treasure (poor teacher and global shoestring traveler that I am).

The treasure is my one and only executive associate producer credit.

Here are two little scraps from that episode (I forget the number) (but it was 2020).

A bit that didn't get played... but if you are a first-time donor, but do NOT feel you are a douche bag, because you vowed to yourself you would donate, and kept your vow:


So I was listening to the @Lennoxxreverb podcast, then the stupid notification that the Poole Man came on, so I started listening...after a minute I switched back to Hogstory.
I think I have finally achieved...something.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was bonkers genius.
I think him and Kanye should get together while Wilson is still alive.


Gen Xer Anthem by the Godfathers.
I grew up on this stuff and it didn't do me any harm 🙄


Hey guys, I think there is a new disease.
BDS (Biden Derangement Syndrome).
Alert the CDC!
(Ok NAS, I'll shut up and go back to my knitting.)

World travelers unite, and start hounding your government to put an end to this COVID-baloney madness and farce... then come to South Korea to visit me. I will be happy to be a tour guide... soju and kimchi for all!


It's the second genesis mix that I made, here for my one-a-day posting of my End of Show mixes (Day 4).

When did Bingo Boom-Shaka-Lakka appear on No Agenda? It's in this mix.

Hear the Reverend Manning in some famous movies:



Listening to the end Moe Factz.
Talking the importance of family biological vs. "choosen" family.
If your biological family is *completely* toxic, I can see some the value in finding an alternative.
But if not, no, this choosen family concept should not be pushed. That cuts you off from not only your living family, but your ancestors.

I see at least one post per day of my facebag friends who get the vaccine and say similar shit.

No thank you. I'd rather someone else get my spot in line.

The biggest take from tonight's Poole Man broadcast...dating Aps have ruined everything.

Back for my one-a-day of all the end of show mixes I've done... Day #3. It's the first of a few genesis mixes I made. I started listening to the show in Sept. 2016.

Even though John does not recommend it, I am slowly going backward, having listened as far back to show #615. Sometimes when I hear something that they do on the show, when it started... AH! It began hear. Make a mix.

So here is the "ass cream and bear filling" genesis mix.



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