I'm watching an Ottawa livestream and someone got a bit shitty with the cops. Now they are dragging the poor dork away.
And the Big Cameras were right on it.
Funny how that works, eh?

My performance in the NA Trollroom ™️was abysmal today.

"We are all Canadians now."
- some wise Canadian livestreamer
18 Wheels, Up against the Wall.

Watch "18 Wheels" on YouTube

Can't you see that We're So Screwed
Can't you see we're Archon Food?

He's got people fighting again. Heh.

Watch "Jordan Peterson Is ANGRY W/ Joe Rogan" on YouTube

I can't stop watching the Honkstreams 🙂

Sorry if this has been shared with y'all already.
Sir Felix is great ❤

Watch "True North - Sir Felix Ortega II - Strong AND FREE - Freedom Convoy 2022" on YouTube

It was a horrible day yesterday.
My crazy neighbor was listening to videos with truck horns blaring in them almost all day long! It had my poor baby birds so agitated, screaming and chattering, they nearly pooped themselves to death 😫😢
When my cockatiel wouldn't stop honking, that was the last straw.
I put on Harvest and cranked it to ten.
That drowned out the horn noises, but my cockatiel kept honking...
Which is why I had to go next door and shoot her.

Eh...never mind, the stream link I shared earlier was shut down.

Watch "LIVE: Massive March Against Mandates in DC!" on YouTube

Brandon: Can you think of any other President that has done anything more in one year???

Hm, where have we heard that before?

The Karma worked! Delivery Dude (bless him) showed up before I even called again.
It wasn't looking good there...there's gotta be something to this NA karma business 👌🤔

I hate asking but...HELP, we need Heat karma.
Almost out of oil. Delivery was due Monday but now the company can't give an ETD. Either they are really short on help or they are hurting for oil. They won't say what happened.
I would suck it up and deal, but I feel myself getting sick.

Scott Adams puts Smugness in his coffee.
He should take it black. But it would probably kill him.

Omg, my friends are all jiddy over the "free" covid tests. You'd think they were giving out free dope or something.

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ITM. It is fierce winter outside.
Sorry for that last boost but it's ma (not) people!

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