Sitting in the women's clinic waiting for my annual exam appointment. Receptionist is on the phone with a new patient who needs to be seen asap, but the soonest they can see her is June 24.

"Post menopausal bleeding and lower quadrant pain."

Word on the street is that Governor roy Cooper will be requiring vaccine passports for NC. Supposedly this info should be rolling out May 6 through 14th. Who's ready to start building that NC NAS network for goods and services and really making it concrete? I just cant stand him!

And then, just like that, a solution for the unhoused appears. Show your virtue!

Random Goat Karma to ALL my fellow NA Fam out there, and those that may be intrigued by what the fuck that’s even supposed to mean.


I have twins turning 2 on the 10th I need to get them off the west coast and see some faces and smiles. I have been in southern Oregon for 35 years and its definitely seen better days help me help them

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Had this on vinyl back in the day.
I used to be young and relatively I'm not so sure.

Watch "Pailhead I Will Refuse" on YouTube

Lol @Boo_BuryMothman and @sirseatsitter

I can't believe what I am hearing on the Abs livestream.

Funny...but sad and terrifying at the same time.

And they even have the climate change angle in there!
This is impressive.

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Get the grill fired up. BILLIONS...TRILLIONS. Yum. Shrimp.

I love how Mr. Whatsaface adds in the beginning, oh all of us are fully vaccinated (no masks on). Oh thank God!

Cicada season: What to expect from the coming brood that's been underground for 17 years" on YouTube

About to go live with @Boo_BuryMothman! Will be playing and reviewing only the best vaccine songs:

Beachcombing reminds me of my Grandmother. She lived in Eureka California for my whole life. And we spent anytime together doing nature stuff, or putting up with me when I couldn’t keep up looking for a fishing spot or dice. Still need some driftwood.

Experience the Fweedom of the Early 1970s:

The MODERN LOVERS "Roadrunner" 1972

His writing is so spot on- If he could only share some of his true words now 🙏🏻

In 2012 I photographed the release of the Surface. There was an enormous demo display setup in Times Square. I would basically take laps and visit the stations with new people each time. As I approached the Microsoft storefront on one of these laps Bill and Melinda crossed my path in one of the more serendipitous event photography moments of my life. The dude with the hat is the body guard.

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