Even Scott Gottlieb is now authorized to talk about

It's time to demand a come-to-Jesus moment from our government. Their misinformation does not serve the public interest.

The American people deserve to know the truth. If we are dealing with a neurological bioweapon and there is a significant neurological risk involved with the vaccine, we need to be heavily informed by actual science. No one, thus far, is doing that.



Two words for why the U. S. lab leak theory came screaming back to life in the M5M:



I just thought of a really cool band name:

Fauci & the Pfizer Pimps

Anyone know about these new Indian recommendations? Never heard of them.

WHO Celebrates As Indian Health Regulator Removes Ivermectin From Its COVID-19 Protocol | ZeroHedge

A Pfizer diversity advertisement on a Fauci critique video from Sky News. Ahhhhhhh.. postmodernism.

Orwell's Eurasia forming. Five Eyes' Oceania already established. East Asian consolidation next.

Russia Mulls Ordering State Firms To Switch To Euro, "Preparing" For Possible Disconnect From SWIFT | ZeroHedge

Today is Meme Monday on Locals. Any artists have a good meme out there to promote the show? Many Locals people are producers and they're generally in the target demo.

Need a pick me up? My favorite optimist - Peter Zeihan - gives an excellent talk about the geopolitical advantages of the United States going into the future. While many other countries would like to check a couple of boxes, we've checked nearly all of them.


Dear Dr Fauci,

No one man can possibly be the trusted authority on science for a nation of more than 300 million people. No one can answer 1000+ emails a day.

Also, under your friendly grandpa exterior is a sociopath who deeply believes that the public can't handle the truth.

You are not the infallible . Popes are for religions. You are not infallible. You're a lifelong bureaucrat. And your message of 'Trust the Science, ' in the end, just means trust you.

I have an idea.


This is big @adam

High-Ranking Chinese Defector Reportedly Working With DIA Has "Direct Knowledge" Of China's Bioweapons Program | ZeroHedge

Atlantic Council Fellow Jamie Metzl - one of the few 'main' guys humoring and advancing the lab leak theory throughout last year.


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