Who was it on here who was asking for my protocol to make DMT? I Had a pretty successful rxn by the look of it, I think.

@chris okay, one second .. I just ran into a rough draft going through an older ext drive, I don't have to look at it anymore because I know how to do it, this one is accurate even though it says rough draft

@chris @cowanon

Y'all asked, here it is. One pot reaction, very pure because of the washes and recrystallization,

@chris @cowanon @SirDingus

wouldn't let me upload doc so I just screenshot the protocol, pretty short because it's one-pot (like I mentioned)

@chris @cowanon @SirDingus

all the washes and recrystallizations are really the pain in the ass, here - you can get away with less, a simplified wash or series of extractions, and be fine..

@chris @cowanon @SirDingus

Found a hard copy of my protocol for making mdma - a lot more complicated ..

WTF I thought you were a philosophy professor not a chemistry professor.

@chris @cowanon @SirDingus

@Economic_Hitman @chris @cowanon @SirDingus

I picked some up along the way, the chemistry is interesting and pretty straightforward, I got a biochem degree and worked in a lab for a while so I was/am more comfortable than most around really caustic shit.

@Johnny_of_the_swamp people say its an entheogen, described as magnifying empathic feelings, kids use it as an excuse for orgies, used to be used in marriage/fam therapy, I think its making a resurgence in medicine. Who knows? The feeling called rolling though is pretty goddamn nice ..

@ProfWorr Never did any orgies. Or therapy. But I will say I have meditated on it alone in a quiet room and it was profound.

@ProfWorr @Johnny_of_the_swamp it’s definitely one of the best times to be had in this existence

@Johnny_of_the_swamp also, ITM bro . what's new with you, Nashville still tolerable? is it humid/shitty weather like that during the summer months?


holy fuck - well why didn't you tell us, you old dog, you - and thank the kind lady for putting up with your ass lol


@chris @cowanon @SirDingus

hey @m00se @IcyGrillz I think y'all expressed interest in seeing this at one time, maybe @PakkonenCT too? TYFYC and all that, homies

@dowodenum you can use hexane too, both are liquid at room temperature unlike propane, butane, idk about pentane


Out of curiosity, what's the yield with this? I'm trying to gauge what kind of raw materials I would need to get and how quickly I would run out of crystals.

@1over7 you can expect anywhere between 20-30g, closer to 20 if you wash and extract as should, - methanol is the biggest problem but you can redistill it w/ a fractional distillation apparatus and use it again. You only need relatively little amounts of formaldehyde, sodium borohydride (powder) and heptane or hexane per run. I think that's about it.

@1over7 you mix the borohydride with water, really strong exothermic rxn


Ahhh understood. Not quite ready to jump down this rabbit hole, but it's been on my list for some time. As with most things, the only reliable source is yourself.

@ProfWorr Umm Prof, those beakers look mighty similar to the 'Breaking Bad" vessels. Binge rewatching the series and yes it holds up in both acting and script writing. Lots of NA inspiration 🛎️ 🛎️

@Boolysteed Pyrex, close to the best out there for chem pretty much .. and what an amazing show, the recipe for meth elaborated in the series is pretty close to the real one, or one of them, as far as I can see.

@ProfWorr I laugh out loud every time Pinkman yells "Science" in awe.

@ProfWorr @Boolysteed sure it is, Corning Ware has a whole line of glass pots that are smoke colored Pyrex.

@dowodenum @cowanon @chris

Bro, that way looks like an absolute pain in the ass, tedious, time-consuming, pointless and messy. And not using the right lab setup for the job. With the protocol I posted it is easily vented, you control the reaction, I wash and recrystallize so extremely pure, I start with tryptamine, the main structure, so no dealing with root bark. is straightforward, and quick, though, the whole process takes me a couple of days, most of the time spent waiting on rxn

@ProfWorr but formaldehyde!!1

I've just never had the proper lab gear for anything but kitchen chemistry, nor access to good reagents


Formaldehyde, hexane, methanol, all of these are essential solvents, and acid/base techniques make sure you purge the product of all of them

@dowodenum kitchen chemistry is my favorite, then clandestine chemistry but they're about the same, for my MDMA recipe I have to spend several hours ripping aluminum foil into small squares that fold over a few times


Maybe I'm a moron but I don't really think, I just order all the shit I need off ebay or from china

@dowodenum you can find lab-grade stuff there, and a basic fractional distillation kit and some other flasks and shit and off to the races

@dowodenum you could do it easy, you'd have fun - not like I do this all the time, haven't really taken it seriously in a few years, chemistry is fun though, especially drug chemistry

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