Architects and Engineers still want to know what really happened. You know, those guys who design and actually build the many skyscrapers all over the world.

Why? Simply because if every skyscraper on fire would immediately collapse on itself, they wouldn’t be building them anymore. Nobody would want one or be in one.

Various skyscrapers have been on raging fires for days. None of them ever collapsed.

On 9/11 not two, but three suddenly collapsed. On the same day. 🤔

@MartinJJ physics on this level is kinda just physics, tough to lie about this to anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of Newtonian mechanics, heat transfer, fatigue, etc.

@MartinJJ I’m talking like just one freshman physics course or possibly a serious high school class. One.

@ProfWorr An Alaskan Uni professor and his team also did a study and simulations recently bascially also (again) concluding the official story is bullshit. I am an engineer and I can tell you there is no way those buildings would come down like that in a normal situation. I guess everyone not brainwashed by the media nonsense can conclude the same. A&E collected so much contradictory evidence, it's not even funny anymore. There are also many real pilots not buying one inch of the bullcrap.

@MartinJJ I actually think mechanical engineer is the hardest, much more difficult than EE, go through the list; well, the area of thermodynamics gets complicated quickly.

@ProfWorr I was also in 'shock and awe' (to use a well known term) at first and far away. Back then I was still a sleeping media slave not really paying attention. Too busy with my own shit. About a year later or so some story triggered my attention and not much later I started investigating many, many, many things. For several years. Real data. Also closely watching videos over and over again. 9/11 "woke" me up. About many things related. Once you see it, you can never go back.

@ProfWorr I've visited the site some time later when they just had started to build the new towers. Walked all around it. Of course I also went to see WTC7. It was the first building they quickly rebuild. It looks almost identical to the original one, like it was never demolished. You could still see the damage to the buildings around the towers. Big parts that flew sideways into the other buildings. Those just don't spontaniously fly over there. Years later they still found human parts on roofs

@MartinJJ geez, wow - what a living nightmare; also, I didn’t realize how easy it is to hide things in plain view.

@MartinJJ amazing how much evidence has mounted, all corroborating some basic physics claims regarding impossibilities, possibilities, circumstances needed, etc. We are NOT even discussing anything that could be construed as conspiratorial or part of a ‘conspiracy theory’, I know I’m preaching to the choir, here.

@MartinJJ but everybody’s like “nah you’re one of those weird conspiracy theorists” as if that were an argument or serious rebuttal. The CIA still reaps rewards from that term.

@ProfWorr All the emotional responses and fooled ideas from many people still block any serious discussions over real physical and mechanical facts. Obviously the MSM have no interest in it either as they have become the fake story tellers from day one. We already know they ain't real journo's. Of course they still love to tell thousands of actually real architects and engineers that create real skyscrapers are the conspiracy nuts. That's the really sad part in the US (and byond).

@Foneguy89 Cool. Thanks. Will watch it this weekend. Gage has given up a lot for all this.


@MartinJJ @ProfWorr He’s working on an upcoming documentary film.

Gage makes an appearance during the “Union of the unwanted” 9/11 swap cast.

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