To anyone in or nearby the Seattle area, stop by my place I’m handing out bayonets for the next half hour.

@ProfWorr What kind?

My dad and I have a … well, genuinely massive collection of authentic bayonets dating back to the very first ones to the latest modern ones. Even some obscure prototypes, experimentals and at least a handful of “ersatz” ones.

@shebang @ProfWorr

My Dad was a marine, and we found an old bayonet. It was cool, but the side edge was dull. Me and my brother (like, 12 years old) sharpened it. Then found out that it was against USMC orders to do that, which is why it had that dull edge. Oddly, my Dad didn't make us grind it back down to dull USMC spec.

@vandys @ProfWorr Well, I mean, the USMC didn’t order you and your brother not to sharpen it. It ordered your dad not too…

@shebang @ProfWorr

Hmmm, I'd guess you haven't had many Marines in your life. Typically, once you know what the Corps has decided, your immediate next step is to get busy complying. I'd say my Dad was mellowing out, but that isn't how Marines are put together, even after they return to civilian lives.

@vandys @ProfWorr I don’t know any marines, I’m in Canada :blobderpshrug:

If you know any, please send them to Canada to liberate us.

@shebang @vandys
I’m the best America has to offer, Shebang, semper fi & all that shit

@shebang @ProfWorr

"Freedom is not free, but the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share." Ned Dolan

@vandys @ProfWorr In Canada, we are protected by our mighty navy!

(I showed this to my buddy in the navy and he confirmed this is accurate)

@shebang @ProfWorr

Thanks for all the response. Since the Corps seems to resonate, let me finish with a picture of my Dad.

@shebang @vandys @ProfWorr Save us from the milquetoast apologist PM, why is no one cancelling him because of his multiple documented cases of "black-face" 🤔

@sir_rob @vandys @ProfWorr Right? Its almost as if they don’t actually believe their own crap and are just using accusations of racism to push their political ideology.

@shebang @vandys @ProfWorr So true, I think they are starting to believe their own lies

@ProfWorr @vandys Most of the longer bayonets are kinda dull. I suspect its more of a matter of soldiers accidentally cutting one another, themselves, uniforms, etc. With some good muscle (ie, your typical marine) it can be pretty blunt and still do the job just fine.

@ProfWorr @vandys Not the Japanese ones though! Those are long and sharp as fuck, even all these years later.

Oh, you dirty girl. You've been holding out on us. You really should, please, post some pics of the interesting ones.

@m00se @ProfWorr I’d love too, but they are at his house in Saskatchewan with the safes and so on. :blobsad:

@m00se @shebang
Yes, I always fancy myself a bit of a salty sea dog, Lord Nelson-type. All win.

@m00se @shebang amazing soldier, lord Nelson, lost all four limbs to cannon balls, they made a little stump chair for him, he could still kill Frenchies w a dagger in his mouth. Remarkable.

@ProfWorr @m00se @shebang @yukiame @Hemmels
You lot reminded me of this joke from one of the best brit gangsta flicks ever made "love, honour and obey"

Props for the dedication, but they were Frenchies. Those surrender monkeys prolly just threw themselves on the point.

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