& mofos! If you haven’t listened to episode 1163 yet, it’s dynamite.

Also, controversial, visual proof that video games made Hitler so nasty.

Oh, and Jacob Norris’ comment is stupid & a bit funny at the same time.

Mein Kraft made me lol. Probably because I have over 5000 hours logged across various editions collectively on Minecraft since it's beta.


Since it’s Beta! Wow, you’re OG. I haven’t played as much as you but it definitely has a special place in my heart, that’s why I laughed, yeah

That is refreshing to hear. I always feel weird mentioning that fact that I play because for most of the people I know, their kids play, but not them. Of course a lot of people I never expected to even be interested have recently jumped in because of PewDiePie's sudden and unexpected conversion to a Minecraft channel.


You can do so much in Minecraft, ppl don’t realize how complex it is, I feel like there’s nothing out there like it.

For sure. I've played many different games of similar ilk but Minecraft is the one that has everything down almost perfect. For all it is though, my favorite activity is still digging a bigass hole.


Right now he’s playing a version of Risk. He was winning but he just fucked himself by opening an eastern front.

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