@Viking @ProfWorr @batcatdad dammit, I wanted that job! I was even going to fight Bemrose for it!

@Viking @ProfWorr @batcatdad I'd like to think I did a good job of it last night when talking about Puraore, good enough to match or surpass Bemrose or JCD

Spent the morning dazed and confused driving in circles and singing in the rain. Oh, and listening to NA on a rigged up mono setup.

@yukiame @ProfWorr

@ProfWorr @coldacid @SirBemrose Not enough explosion potential in biochemistry I guess!

Theory: If it goes !BOOM! there'll be DIYers!

@ProfWorr @coldacid I have two undergrad degrees in arguably "hard" sciences (CS and mathematics), but the vast majority of my useful knowledge was gained outside the classroom, on my own via intellectual curiosity.

The most valuable thing schools did for me was to provide access to libraries of information than I'd otherwise have been unable to get in the early 90s. With the modern internet, even this benefit is dubious.

@ProfWorr @SirBemrose I was talking about the public education system, not post-secondary institutions. By the time someone gets into university, they should be properly computer literate. These kids who don't know anything beyond phone apps never got the computer literacy they should have and I'm blaming that on the schools, not the universities.

@ProfWorr @SirBemrose how so? The public school system was designed in the first place to make people into replaceable cogs in the factories of the industrial revolution and beyond, not to actually educate. That kids come out the end having learned anything is just a happy accident.

60-69 Cohort.

Baseline in the percentage graphs = % Vax Uptake or Declined for 60-79

ARR falling fast, now down to 4-6%.

Vaccinated case rate is a joke yet again 🤡

With +38K cases maybe 1.5-2.3K lives saved/extended.

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