"We have producers. Thousands of them. They happen to be the people who listen. They have a stake in the game. This is their show. They finance it, they produce it, they help with stories, they help with background with information, lots of expertise…" — @adam 1182

The Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show to the Best Podcast In The Universe had a Knight theme today in honor of my Knighting. All songs have the word "Night" or "Knight" in them.

Grab it now, while you can, and rock out!


Pretty sure all pro sports is all rigged and it doesn’t matter at all, but happy my 49ers pulled it out against the Cards.

@ProfWorr I highly recommend it! They have made a career poking fun at Star Wars and the rest of the movie industry. The Mr. Plinkett reviews is like going to film school.



Unpopular opinion, Cesar Romero is and always will be the best Joker. Full-stop.

"Deepfake Roundtable: Cruise, Downey Jr., Lucas & More - The Streaming Wars | Above the Line"


Liberal Pundits, Activists Strike Back After Obama Suggests Democrats Not Move Too Far Left

Oh well. Some always have to learn the hard way. Given the weird ideas they support, they are too stupid for reality anyway.


"The Supreme Court just handed down what to me is one of the most dangerous rulings against not only the gun industry but the 2nd Amendment.

Your first thought should be, how in the world is Remington responsible for what some evil guy did with their rifle? However, this is not about actually winning the case; it’s about opening the door so that other people can bring the same types of cases financially crippling the gun industry."


@ProfWorr this bartender is clearly from Russia or Ukraine. He also poured pretty stiff drinks last time I came in.

@ProfWorr "it wasn't clear to what extent Trump was being tounge-in-cheek" I cannot get over how fucking brain dead and humourless journalists are when dealing with Trump. It's like they all have a mental disability recognising a joke.

“I was gonna be,
Entertainer of the decade;
*feigned panic* uhhhh!”
- the one and only @adam , tune in for context, Taylor Swift is oppressed by Netflix.

I’m late! No Agenda 1191, ‘No Sweat’, is out! And has been! Brilliant, tight, meticulous M5M deconstruction. As per normal.

There goes the Zephyr, by the way.

And No Agenda 1191 draws to a close,
Straight out of Opportunity Zone 33 & Northern Silicon Valley,


NUTSAP!!!! I’m guessing a show title-contender?

Excellent show today, @adam & @Johncdvorak , TYFYC.

“...and I still wanna be, a little bit african..” - anonymous white girl

throw out your TV’s! Aaaand Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

@adam talking about the publishing rules of songs. JCD - , yup.

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