@ProfWorr Saw it at the drive-in the first time. Good times.

I own it in HD 😎

@ProfWorr I love it. Last great non digital Sci Fi epic 👍🏻

The swear, folks / w shit like “cornish pasty” on it this is gotta be a brit menu, smh @Hemmels @yukiame @GWFF

This deserves to be archived

Can’t lie I’m stoked that the LiMu Emu w Doug is back in their ad cycle

Aye @GWFF i told a story & @dcgirl told me it was GWFF-esque and I took it as a serious compliment. You missed out.

@Ariesian1 @cgeek5467 @ProfWorr sort of. The packages are big. They take up a lot of space. Hard to ship a large number, hard to store it. Easy to run out

Well had double the paper towels (last I looked few days ago), as the put it where the toilet paper usually goes too, of which there was none.

Hey guys what do you think is gonna happen next season of tiger prince?

this was the video is the last No Agenda Newsletter. Very hard to find unless the code words in the title are used perfectly. Probably the best of this type of "The hospitals are empty" video. youtu.be/A2k7t0kcLIU

please watch

Still this goddamn paper towel malarkey goin on that the local supermarket.. yeesh, silly

Holy shit....latest Ep. 32 where Moe says the media and politicians are *literally* casting spells on people...


Literal spells. Magicks cast. That's what the fuck is going on, and I'm glad others are saying the same thing and fighting magick with magick!

I wish Moe had mastodon haha

Have you heard of Scott Adams' vision for a no-privacy city where resource usage is optimized, and your phone tells you what to eat and when to take a break based on your current physiological state?

This would go well with his vision: A toilet that chemically analyzes your shit and urine, and recognizes you by asshole. And yes of course all the logic and data live in The Cloud.

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