Mofos! Okay, time stamp 24:38 into the most recent ep ‘Bivotal’,

Dvorak’s third clip of Omar saying that Trump calls ppl of black & brown color ‘shitholes’. Priceless. Has anybody clipped this?

Forgot how great it is. @adam

@ProfWorr @yukiame @HiroProtagonist I require employes to give the blessings of the God Emperor of Mankind

@yukiame @HiroProtagonist @PakkonenCT

I did a prior financial risk/reward assessment & those are the results. Onward & upward, mates

Heya @yukiame you’ve posted this meme before, right?

If so, my post is s no-no. Since we’re the best meme posters we need to be the meme police, too

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