Eric Swalwell Is a Financial Mess -
Despite his $174k annual salary, Swalwell has failed to pay down student loans, has cashed out his pension, and has built up credit card debt after 6 years of being a congressman.

He owns no property and is currently renting a recently renovated 4 BR townhome.


ITM Sir Walkman! I had a nightmare last night about your profile pic on here, not even lyin’. Means it’s a good one. TYFYC

ITM mofos!

I just noticed that The Keeper’s Instagram handle is now tinacurry33. Awesome - warms my heart.


The fact that a Nikola Tesla movie starring David Bowie never got made is disappointing. "The Prestige" wetted the appetite for something that could've been electrifying.

@adam, blessings to you and the keeper! May you have a long prosperous life together in love and happiness!

"This is Fox News! I've never heard them say this! We can't have any conjecture, oh no, we're Fox News, we don't traffic in conspiracy theories. BULLSHIT!" — @adam 1130

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