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Oh, the LULZ!

Rand Paul to ask Trump to revoke Brennan security clearance

'...Brennan is "monetizing his security clearance" and "making millions of dollars divulging secrets to mainstream media." '

When people accept futility and the absurd as normal, the culture is decadent. The term is not a slur; it is a technical label. A decadent culture offers opportunities chiefly to the satirist...
Jaques Barzun - From Dawn To Decadence p.11

Hey everybody

@NICKtheRAT popped up in my lunch the other day. Now I know how he travels, heh.


There ya go, yuki. All for you. Hope this begins to make up for my extemporaneous OTG stint. Oh, and I take your invitation to visit very seriously but it probably won’t happen for another 6 to 8 months so I can finish up some stuff I’ve already committed to here in Seattle. I’d okay w you, of course :)


Intermission - a bit of wisdom from

Thank you @CarBlanez33 and your country for this profound artist

@ProfWorr Welcome - I have been off the Tweeter all week as it was triggering me too much!

But I have been here, with civil discussion and not 100% agreement of everyone - imagine that?!

Welcome back @ProfWorr ...I feel ya... STay OTG when you must...stay here of course...power and support and sincere care in numbers

@ProfWorr I wish the word "biased" wouldn't be used so much by alternative media and talk show host. I like the idea of using the M5M words against them: collusion, meddling, conspiracy, rigging and others.


NSA, most important agency to weigh in, had ‘moderate confidence’ which, as Binney explains, means they have zero reason to think it happened. 3. Russian ‘influencers’ spent maybe $100,000, probably less (HRC spent close to 1 billion) AND over half came out AFTER the election, none received much attention & most didn’t even reference the election. 4. Mueller has zero evidence; the 12 indictments are a sensationalist stunt bc he knows they’ll never even be interrogated. PLEASE ADD!!!!!

ITM everybody! Sorry about the incommunicado - I went a bit OTG. Was gonna go until end of July but I miss y’all too much. @yukiame I have oodles of cat memes to try to make up for it.

So, I need to vent about the overwhelmingly received Russia narrative (I know I’m speaking to the choir). 1. The DNC emails were leaked - Binney et al proved this w metadata analysis & experiment. 2. It wasn’t 17 agencies but people hand picked by (Brennan?) someone already biased *and* (to be cont nxt thread)