@Johncdvorak is hereby nominated as the King of Trolls and will never see this.

@ITM @OVDB @adam

My new :

“IE pain”

(inspired by mshoe from twitter)


I don’t remember if Fox is part of Dvorak’s beat but if so I’d push for this with all my might...

The latest episode of Hog Story is up!
We are going to stick to a Monday recording, Tuesday release schedule. Try to anyway

Gillette: "Let's see how many of our customers we can lose today."

Harry's: "Hold my man-purse"

Luke Rosniak from the DailyCaller is putting out a book about the Awan fiasco: amazon.com/Obstruction-Justice

He was the only reporter to consistently stay on top of this amazing story.

Despite what the general media says, claims about a new breast cancer testing tool are premature. This NHS Behind the Headlines article states the real facts.

#Health #Cancer #BreastCancer


Best reply on twitter to CNN’s cockroach story - and from the learned & distinguished “Munchma qoochie” nonetheless!

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