@TheRotation @ProfWorr @Johncdvorak I have one exactly like this but in red, on my front porch.
The work women used to have to do still amazes me.

One can only imaging. The good thing is that he has you to introduce him to the NA mindset.

@ProfWorr @Johncdvorak imagine if you will, an old Scottish woman putting her clothes through the mangle in the 1930s, and then boof, her pap is caught between the rollers and yelp!

@ProfWorr @Johncdvorak a pap is the Scots word for tit, or boob. A mangle is the two rollers that used to wring out the water from clothes. Now use your imagination

Post-debate safe spaces were a thing

"Tit in the wringer"
The Scottish version is pap in a mangle @Johncdvorak

@wolfspider @ProfWorr @Johncdvorak

I am sure there were several times where Wallace asked Biden a question, Trump wanted to rebut and Wallace said "I have a different question for you."

@ProfWorr @DrChris Besides! I can’t even get you on jitsi, as if you’d answer the door. Psssh!

@ProfWorr @DrChris Enjoying my day where I have nothing to do but relax!

If I toenail ever does arrive, I can and will hunt you down. :blobpeekspear:

@ProfWorr @Johncdvorak I was doing a clip mix featuring Yakaty Sax and going through the audio convinced me Wallace was steering.

I didn't finish the mix, it was coming out annoying on top of annoying. 🤣 Got some good debate clips though.

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