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My main issue with cyclists as a pedestrian (since I work only a 30 minute walk from work) is that they go on the sidewalks or footpaths and flypast at full speed without any warning or bell ring.

Dickheads who expect others to just jump into the bushes to avoid them so they can be just a few minutes faster.

They are the cyclists that are too cowardly to just go on the road.

@CSB thought you needed more ass in your life, hope it didn’t make you too horny

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Oh f¥Ck @yukiame you ain’t gonna like this but trashcanpaul is up the asses of bicyclists currently .. I’ll keep ya posted.

Haare schneiden lassen cc @yukiame - am I professional enough for you? I’m enthused, obviously.

A simple instructional for @Genen who, from what i hear, was being an absolute prick on that podcast called hog tales or something. Goodness me.

@ProfWorr Pretty good one so far. Getting some giggles

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