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Jam we recorded last Sunday at Dave Bleus’s studio. Joe Rahmi Drums. Dave Bleus Guitar. Me on bass. I came up with the bass hook while we were sound checking before the session. Did 4 hours for the client. We smashed this out afterwards. Just hit record and went for it. See what happens

@ProfWorr yeah i'm sitting next to Julian Assange - have any questions?

Trump Impeachment Lawyer Blasts Adam Schiff On Senate Floor

Facebook says I looked like this 8 years ago today. Has to be fake news. Today, I'm still fighting off a cold—hurray for Nyquil and 8 hours of sleep—and got my miles in before sunrise.

noone expected Terry Jones (right) he also played the Mom in Life of Brian

There's something hilariously ironic about donating money to someone suing your employer.

Matt Drudge loves himself — a lot… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

"The artist formerly known as Drudge."

Just sayin'.


@yukiame @ProfWorr bishy good. Last night, was just trying to help a fellow amigo.

Bishop will now get back to the regularly scheduled game of "hide the bishop"

@ProfWorr his pastor was optimism guru, there’s whole philosophy behind it

Great conversation with @ProfWorr on Sunday. I'd been wanting to pick his brain about how to establish a fair process/standard to rebuild a shared understanding of the world (#epistemology), but we got off track a bit. Next time. Be my guest this week?

Forgive me, @yukiame but this one goes out to all my coding people who don’t know how to spell and you’re just one
cc @dcgirl lol

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