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ProfWorr @profworr

I hope @SirBemrose approves this week's VPN ad. 😎

Maybe they should waterboard everyone in the who's been 'd 🤔

“You’re never too old for Ritalin.” - @adam

- An ex of mine manipulated her doctor in order to get a prescription. I was no longer with her...

@ProfWorr Hey - "Thank You For Your Collusion!" 🤣

@ProfWorr Which makes me think that this Ukraine stuff will be quickly dropped.

Since the M5M seems to be on the subject of Ukraine as of late, here’s an early 2017 Politico article about how Ukraine worked to promote the Clinton campaign at the expense of Trump. Nobody seems to have paid any attention to this.

I feel like JCD has used that *exact* same intro. Deja vu? Gotta ask @NICKtheRAT about that subject lol.

Great last night btw. I think it comes on after the show!?!

We're live now at with No Agenda episode 1036 #@pocketnoagenda

This happens to me pretty much every day, often multiple times. Just glancing I find it at 33%.


This is how today’s NA newsletter shows up in my email.

@ProfWorr Oh that would be AWESOME!

Please subpoena me so I can the TRUTH, the whole THRUTH, and nothing but the mother-fucking TRUTH!

Same topic as earlier - FBI agents wish to be subpoenaed because they’re disgusted by Comey & McCabe. Zerohedge cites the Daily Caller article I threw up earlier but definitely has something to add to the story.

Looks like Stefan Halper was paid out of the DoD budget. Hmmm...

If the FBI/CIA/StateDept/DNI cabal is on one side of this with military on the other, is this a smokescreen or the intelligence folks putting a thumb in the eye of the military?

@ProfWorr @CarBlanez33 I recall an old black & white war flick version. I didn't think the new one was a remake, it is just telling a story about the same event? (I never saw the new one).

Right the 1958 film was based on a novels "The Big Pick-Up" by Elleston Trevor and "Dunkirk" co-authored by Lt. Col. Ewan Hunter and Maj. J. S. Bradford. (according the the book of knowledge)

I think the 2017 film was new.