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I just said “in the morning” in my greeting PA on the airplane! It flowed naturally, and it was a little thrilling. 🛩️

Is tie dye 70s???? Nostalgia for sale in our flight attendant lounge today.

The Pope is more than willing to push the global warming nonsense by telling me I need to take care of the planet because I need to respect all God’s creations, but he doesn’t say a word when our “devout Catholic” President is saying we have to allow women to murder their babies without restriction? As a Catholic, I have a problem with this.

I don't know if this has been discussed on here already but I just listened to Sunday's show. The reason the woman on the artwork from 1444 doesn't have a tan line on her nose is because most people wore their mask below their nose SO THEY COULD BREATHE! I'm not sure if this is what Capitalist Agenda had in mind but that is what I immediately thought when I saw it. @adam @Johncdvorak @TheCapitalist @showart

Thanks to everyone for the congrats, I look forward to misusing my new (non)power!

I just laid over in Chicago O'Hare, I think it's safe to say mandatory masking will not work again.

Just think about all the carbon he just released into the atmosphere.

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Just wrapped up a 3day trip and I’d estimate the same, 10-20% still wearing. What I find puzzling is that of those still wearing the mask, many of them aren’t wearing it over their noses or are wearing it as the chin diaper. If you’re convinced it’s saving you, then go ahead and keep wearing it but if you’re not wearing it “correctly” why wear it at all?

@PrincessCityPearl i noticed that 1/12 people at the butcher shop wore a mask including 0 employees, but 2/5 wore a mask at the co-op, including 1/2 of the employees.

@PrincessCityPearl When all this started, I was in the park with my youngest..a high school track meet was going on, at first, I thought I was seeing things, but when I got closer, they had all the kids wearing masks while competing. I thought, "I'd love to make the school board run a fucking half mile, mile wearing a mask, shit, I'd pay for that..still pissed remembering that...

@PrincessCityPearl Same here. Fucked up parenting is how we got here and why things will stay this way.

I will say, it still boils my blood watching parents force their children to wear a mask. Nothing like muzzling your children to virtue signal. 🙄

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