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I just said “in the morning” in my greeting PA on the airplane! It flowed naturally, and it was a little thrilling. 🛩️

Those big fake eyelashes are not classy, ladies.

Except for the first month of the pandemic I've never been worried about getting covid (not that I won't get it, but that I'll survive) but now my husband is going on a bucket list golf trip next week and he gets tested every week at work. I don't want him to miss the trip because I may or may not have brought it home from the dirty bird. A little Covid Karma would be helpful.

Woke up with the 3 X 3 jingle in my head. Must be show day @Johncdvorak - 🎶 now it's time for the 3X3... experiment by JCD 🎶 Gah!

What would he do under hostile fire if he is that scared of COVID-19?

Anyone else see this and start thinking... the fuck does that mean

Everyone who wants to be vaccinated has been at this point.

The purpose of the ongoing vax campaign is DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

Fuck Joe Biden!!!!! That is all I have to say….for now😉

I need to stop drinking and then hopping on no agenda social

Gov. Ron DeSantis: "No lockdowns, no school closures, and no mandates in the state of Florida."

As our fellow humans are being made aware of what we have all known for a while now, it's important to be nice.
Smile and say, 'Guess what else.'

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