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I just said “in the morning” in my greeting PA on the airplane! It flowed naturally, and it was a little thrilling. 🛩️

@PrincessCityPearl @PawelK
"A niech Cię gęś kopnie" I assume, which is something like "go to hell!".
I am not sure how would I translate the polish one to english... "Be kicked by a goose", maybe? :D

@Invictus I remember being employed by companies that paid little to no sick pay so everyone just went to work with manflu and bitched at each other for spreading it around 🤣 Now you're shot on site for sniffling near anyone, especially if you're not marked by the PharmaDaemons...

Fuck the government
Fuck the media
Fuck all the oxygen deprived asshole lemmings
Fuck all of you motherfucking cock suckers
in Switzerland

I’m done for today
Gonna drink for the rest of the day

@apple_dumplin @PrincessCityPearl here in Seattle my coworker went crazy on me last week because I was laughing about “symptomless covid variant.” The guy was close to tears a screamed it proves what a horrible human being I went on like this for 30 minutes. Sadly he buys into all crap about how I’m in dangering his life. Needless to say I wouldn’t go anywhere in Seattle without a mask.

@Sideways @PrincessCityPearl

I can see that! Normally, I would second guess not wearing one in Portland, I was expecting someone other than the woman who gently scolded me to lay it on pretty hard. No one did...but I could have just gotten lucky. I was at the same mall on Tues. and had no problems not wearing a mask.

It's the weekend freaks...and man was that mall PACKED!!

@apple_dumplin @PrincessCityPearl it’s easy to forget these guys are under a mind spell. They really think they are heroes for risking their life’s to get an experimental vaccine. It’s exactly like the mass formation guy said. Hopefully one of these duds doesn’t really go crazy when this unravels.

P.S. I lived in San Bernardino, Ca in a small trailer park. It was a real experience, anytime you went outside the park the old men used to say, “no eye contact outside the park.”



I was JUST at the mall in the "snobby" part of Portland. I reeeeally wish I had taken a pic from the escalator! It's like being in the "Walking dead"!

You know the episode where they wipe the guts of other zombies on them so they can walk among them and not be detected? That was us.

Just when I think you’re right about people being done, I go to somewhere like Portland and people are still all in. Ran quickly into PDX Costco yesterday and I was THE only one w a naked face. In DesMoines today- not a mask in sight. Crazy how things differ regionally.

Walked into Walmart this evening and the greeter asked if we needed masks. Nope. He said “okay have a good evening”. I kind of felt bad that he had to stand there and do this. These companies are going to have to realize that people are done with covering their faces.

Thanksgiving is the official start of the . Start getting ready because Christmas is 30 days away.

Interesting business slogan/marketing.

Do you have to be Chip n Dales caliber to work for them?

🛎️ "The number of containers sitting on docks, blocking movement, are down 33%" 🛎️

Start paying more attention to supply chain & fuel news!

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