@OhVinnie @Klaatu It's going to take a weekend and a really good replacement for me to give up on ewetube. And Guurgle, pretty much ball and chain right now in my life.

Looks as though the fellow who used to stream the shows live on youtube has disappeared. I now have no way to listen to the show live on my phone, with the screen shut off.
unfortunately no agendroid crashed whenever i press play on live, it could be my OS

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Oh - If you are not tuning in to Moe Factz 11 - "Alley-Oop" your missing out on brain candy and many, many examples of @adam seeing into the future.

Here is a teaser:

Moe: "What people are starting to realize is LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are not Malcom X and Martin Luther King, they're Ronald McDonald and Col. Sanders".

Listen and learn how he soused that out...


I already told twitter, let me tell Gitmonation. @adam, this is for the red book. I predict Greta Thunberry will turn into an eco-terrorist when she realizes humans aren't going to do anything fundamental to deal with climate change. And I think she's going to take many snowflakes with her. An army of snowflake eco-terrorists.

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My interpretation: Commercial broadcast and cable television are done. Debt financed streaming productions is all that matters now. l.curry.com/fbj

@n4vx "Did the Speaker of the House really say"
no one claims he said anything, but rather a high member of the state republican leadership told Democrats. I don't think anyone's claiming the actions illegal, but rather from your video and the article I read they found the actions unethical and worthy of severely breaking procedure to make a stink about a big deal.
Democrats did get caught off guard, but Adam and John regularly point out a republic isn't democracy.

@n4vx granted the speaker held a surprise vote. He tricked Democrats in to not showing up to ensure a Republican super-majority.

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American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging flight

His intention was not to crash the plane, but to create a cancellation and more overtime work while struggling financially. All this while AA has been fighting with the mechanics unions for the last three years already.


@MartinJJ what kind of hard times is this guy going through to have sabotaged a plane. Miami!

@sirphenom I know there are VPNs that specialize in access over such networks because I watch my students play fortnite over school servers all the time, I should get up the nerve to ask them about it.

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