@adam please get something about Sol Pais and the closing of schools across colorado based on an FBI warning. Not a single bit of evidence presented, but we're told she's from Surfisde (3 miles from me, I grew up there), infatuated with the Colombine High shooting, flew to CO and bought a shotgun. That was yesterday. Today, she's **found dead**. WTF


@adam Here's a video from MSNBC, with LOTS of images, but NONE OF THEM relate to what they're talking about. For instance they say she drew pictures of the columbine shooters, but they instead just show a picture of a cartoon demon figure. Whispaw! msnbc.com/hallie-jackson/watch

and if you go to her website it basically looks like someone went through this girl's personal things, scanned her journals, uploaded them all and created this page. I have no reason to disbelieve, but I also don't believe things told me by the FBI, but not substantiated by evidence.
I'm trying to find where she drew pictures of the colombine shooters.



Upon skimming the journal I do not immediately notice the word Columbine anywhere. And yet the FBI gets quoted as saying the suspect had an infatuation with the shooting.

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