John sounds like an old white racist when he goes on a rant about Mumia being guilty when that's not the point. The point is that he wasn't treated fairly under the law, the same way rich white people get fringe benefits in the law. This is the polar opposite.
Many guiltier men go free for worse because they can play the game.
Would anyone disagree? Do I need to bring up affluenza boy? or the judge who sold children to private juvenile detention?

it's definitely an old liberal favorite though. I remember hearing about it when I listened to DN! regularly.

@Premitive1 I'm a lefty fan of Mumia's spoken word recordings. I don't know if he's guilty or not but totally see your point on him getting the fringe benefits of the law when others do. I think John would be against anybody getting those, and I rarely understand why people bring in accusations of racism, anti-Semitism etc. It only muddies issue/policy conversations.

@Premitive1 I disagree. He may be boneheaded at times but I wouldn’t compare him to an “old white racist”. If Facebook was around when David Koresh was alive, would he have been depersoned? The Branch Devidian would be around today had their been social media.

@blackcloud the thing about an "old white racist" is their passive complicity. I think of that famous poem, "they came for the..."
We see much less grand wizards and lynchings in the methodology of the old white racist , who doesn't think them-self racist, but also doesn't bother to understand the anthropological context under which these concepts are developed. Again, John doesn't care about justice equity. He just cares the guy's guilty. Old white racist.

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