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@Premitive1 you can record off VLC or Pot Player (they make it super easy for both audio & video). I use RadioSure on recording audio streams. MP3DirectCut for fast editing or extracting sections from longer tracks. MP3Tag for metadata markup & file renaming.

Also, the third episode of my podcast is certainly in the works, but I'm actually somehow stuck on episode 5 :)

ITM Gitmonation,
recommendations on how to take audio clips from media on a computer, mostly streamed media.
I currently use Audacity for my audio needs, if you recommend that any tips or directions.

Listening to 1261 now, and on the clip regarding "redskins" and it's an obvious attempt to let a few American Indians speak for all American Indians.
As I've pointed out here before, many American Indians don't use the term native American. That clip was a great example of that, where one person calls it "Indian country"

Here's a different writer from that same paper trying to use the noodle gun on a clerk of courts

also, my response to that first tweet has been my most tweeted twoot in aged. I think right now it's at 33.

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I don't know that I meant to argue the noodle gun can be used for good, nor that anyone should apologize for the actions of the subject of the story, but rather to offer an example to my fellow escravos of the power of social mediaism

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After the backlash, perhaps (but probably not) including my own critique that the article had no response from the subject of the piece or anyone close to them, the reporting pendulum swung the other way.
As you can see in this updated version of the article, with a NEW headline, the story suddenly takes a completely different tone.

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The local paper, the Miami Herald, published an article earlier today about the story, and chose to focus almost entirely on the "felony robbery" charge, and entirely from the perspective of the police.
Here's the writer's original tweet with the original headline.
There was immediate though small backlash to that article, including me going on a little tweet-rant denouncing the reporting as unscrupulous and one sided.

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GitmoNation, I want to tell you the tale of a noodle gun incident with which I found myself involved today.
Someone with whom I am familiar is part of down here in Miami. He's been going Downtown almost every day to keep the fire burning.
A few days ago during some form of civil disobedience in a city street a car drove straight into them. It's on video. Police do nothing.
Later, he grabs a few flags and throws them on the floor. Warrant for his arrest on felony robbery immediately...

I haven't come across any "Native Americans" who actually like that term. I've seen many people use the word Indian, though.

According to the Mueller report, I have released the second episode of my podcast, Premcast. It's still a rambling mess, but it's got all original music. And all original rambling.

ITM Gitmonation!
I humbly offer you my first podcast, Premcast, episode 1, Human Hypocrite. I finally pulled the trigger and put this together in about a week.
Trigger Warning: this is mostly just a winding rant, but I'm glad to have it done.
New episode in the works and hopefully out within another week.
Stay good and be well!

Gitmonation, you always come through for me.
Adam mentioned a software he's been using recently to record John's call feed and I looked it up but I've lost that tab and want to read up on it.
Many thanks ahead of time! ITM

Is no agenda in stereo or in mono?
are pretty much all podcasts in mono?

I've been wanting to start podcasts for a while, so I could tick that off my bucket list.
Anyone have any advice on podcast hosting/distribution?

I'm in South Florida and have been going to doctors and hospitals regularly all year. I wish the country were still in quarantine because it was much easier to get convenient appointment times in March and April than it is today.
I have to wait two weeks for a physical therapy appointment because they're running on half staff.

So John got history wrong again. the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves only in the rebelling States and it took the 13th Amendment to free the slaves in the non rebelling Union states.

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