@adam, the FBI IS the network behind these lone wolfs :/

I was totally off on Trump vs. Hillary. I thought she had it in the bag, like most people. In fact I even thought Trump ran as a plant by the Clintons to throw the election. That was my big conspiracy in 2016.
My smaller conspiracy was that Bernie ran as a way to get the progressives to stay within the D voting block, but I think things blew up in their faces.
That said, maybe this slew of D candidates are meant to motivate/funnel people less likely to vote, but more likely to vote D.

The Enemy Within S01E07 the FBI agents get "tricked" by the "ex"-CIA agent into letting an innocent die for the preservation of the greater investigation.

Conservatives in America point at "left" countries like Brazil's previous administration, or Venezuela, in regards to educations, and complain that all gains claimed are the result of washing down the standards clearly has no idea what's going on within the USA education system, which year after year shows decreasing standards compared to other developed countries.

Gitmonation, @adam, airdrop is huge with students, used for cheating and sharing memes.
The other day a student said, in response to my catching him playing a game on his phone, "It's okay, I'm just waiting for someone to airdrop me the answers"

Hey Gitmonatino, FYI I'm a boot on the ground in the USA public school system. I see the beast from inside the bowels

Have any of the Miami people joined the network yet? I've been waiting a while. One day I'll stop being a boner and demand the public Miami meetup!

Since I love dry humor NA actually encouraged me to listen to the white house correspondents speech by Ron Chernow

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Retired engineer builds transforming, off-grid, stealth campervan


Needs more room. There's some better pro transformations out there. He's probably gonna get 5 good trips out of it before he dies or wrecks the van. Oh jebus those AL X beams he's using are super expensive engineering prototyping pieces. Yeah I'd rent a fucking cargo van before pulling out his camper guts modules to use it for cargo. He likes to "stealth camp". I bet his wife likes to drive it to a hotel

Could the Las Vegas attack have been ISIS, but the FBI took over and reworked the storyline for the news?
It just strikes me as odd that ISIS would claim responsibility but the media wouldn't address it at all?

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the website's also getting hundreds of hits a minute as a result of this situation.

Upon skimming the journal I do not immediately notice the word Columbine anywhere. And yet the FBI gets quoted as saying the suspect had an infatuation with the shooting.

Who the hell scans their own notebook page by page?

It seems possible the artist may have redrawn an image they saw from a meme, or reproduced and distorted image created from a picture of one of the Columbine HS shooters.

Notice the character faces the wrong direction. the gun in the hand of the drawing much thicker than that in the picture. the second image provided, the one with more distortion, he has a similar rounded head as the drawing, but no lip to the hat? Notice the drawing has a trench-coat, sunglasses, no gloves, and a mask.
I did not read the journal in detail, it's ~60 pages of teenage angst, but based on the image I question the familiarity of the artist with Columbine HS shooting.

I'm putting on my arm chair journalism cap to dig a little bit deeper into this before I get in to other things with my day.
I found two images in the journal that might be drawings of Colombine HS shooters. I focus on the second one because it's much easier to place. I made the connection most immediately because of the magazine in the gun. The other immediate connection is the rounded area of the hat the shooter wore. But I would like to point out some important distinctions/contrasts.

I'm most surprised that so many people 20 and under are listening to headbanger music that was already getting old in my early teens.

I'm thinking this gets linked to the NETFLIX show "THE OA" whose first season ends ina school shooting, the main character dying in that shooting, but actually her mind transprted to another dimension, or as put in this journal, "transposition of physical form
"like i can feel that dimension in the air, surrounding me, everywhere
"realest thing I have ever felt
"hidden behind a veil
"unearthly, otherworldly, not of this immediate state of existence or consciousness
"another life, real home"

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