Very interesting resource chronologically ordering many videos filmed at the capitol march January 6th

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Looks like I easily fell for this very simple trolling.
No evidence of a Parler hack emerged, just a lot of silly internet people (myself included) getting hyped up over nothing.

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who on NASocial gave their Social to Parler?

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So Parler got hacked and thousands of users accounts have been compromised.
Apparently people would provide their social security and phone numbers to become verified users?
Sounds like an

I'm unfortuantely using an iPhone right now, and for the foreseeable future. Can anyone recommend a podcasting app than can get Podcasting 2.0 because they're 12 episodes in and it isn't in the apple podcast directory

Trumpeters, find a new hobby. the war is over. and if you think the election was stolen you're delusional. I have no admiration for Democrats and Joe Biden, but you didn't make your case. Not even close. Relying on the truth of mere speculation is the domain of insanity.
Libertarian economist Mish Shedlock says it better than me.

@Johncdvorak schools allow cell phons in the classroom at all because the generation after boomers are terrified of not being able to contact their child at ANY moment.
I think the murder of Jimmy Rice was a trigger for this. For some reason I always think of Jimmy Rice when I think about kids not being able to play out doors any more, not being able to walk around the neighborhood alone anymore.

So how about that Sweden?
They're doing just great aren't they...oh wait, now they're going in to lock-down mode!

Enjoy your 600x matching desperation chip-ins, Trumpeters.

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Italians proud that Colombus "discovered" something the vikings had already known about centuries earlier, proud that he enslaved the locals and stole their resources?
I guess they're proud boys for a reason, "men" should have the maturity to reject that kind of insanity.

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The moral of the story is that my friend was so triggered by mere opinions that he ditched me and cancelled our plans and ended our friendship.

Grow a pair, TDS snowflakes! ;)

Engage in debate on the merit of argumentation, don't flee like a fucking pussy.

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Quick TDS story, I was trying to explain to my friend the difference between looting/rioting and peaceful protest. I argued that if 10% of the protestors were engaged in violent behavior then entire cities would actually be burnt down. I also mentioned that italian americans protecting a statue fo columbus with guns is the height of entitlement.
We were on our way to a musical jam. Once we got there he said he couldn't handle staying and had to leave.
TDS goes both ways.

also, if rapid antigen testing is more accurate and less expensive than PCR, why is PCR the best practice?? Why hasn't the FDA banned this shitty test and promoted manufacture of the actual gold standard

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The Earth's Virologist tests positive for SARS-COV-2 infection, then negative because it was a false positive.
He goes over in minor detail how the PCR test works and also why it's most likely he had a false positive. This of course only begs the question of how many false positives people have gotten without any actual scientific follow up to determine the accuracy of that individual test.

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@Premitive1 When you have stolen as much money as Joe, you have a large watch collection.

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