Let me say two things:

1. Comcast

2,. exclusive right of entry to HOA

end of story. i hate comcast.

@adam, for future reference it's pronounced Mises like nieces, not like an attack of the mice.

Source: I attended Mises University.

I don't want your nominee, I want more direct and participatory democracy.

Statues are inanimate objects which can pretty easily be replaces.
Where did they riot for months? I would like more information about this because I honestly have not seen evidence of any widespread riots.

Minimum wage doesn't cause racism. That's why addressing the minimum wage won't address systemic racism. Minimum wage causes unemployment.
And thought culture isn't the same people have many similarities that cross cultures, including our shared biology.

Your last question is very tough for me to address, and I don't think systemic racism only affects a single race. But "that's a great question" I write with irony but all sincerity.

Black people in Democrat areas, policing, government spending, taxes, minimum wage, immigration, etc.
Do I think those things impact one race more than another? Yeah, in some cases, but you're talking about a lot of things here.

Affirmative action is not necessarily racist against white people because neither its intention or effect adversely affect anyone. You're judging an entire category of policies, affirmative action, with an extremely simplified and inaccurate conclusion.
Something like an admission policy is already a limited, and unfair process. There's nothing harmful in being rejected. It happens to everyone else who didn't get the position. Does anyone DESERVE a certain job, or opening, or seat? Absurd!

I'm not arguing about whether these particular policies you mention are part of racism because that would require more empirical knowledge than I currently have.

I will also note that individual racism is not the same thing, nor does it have the same potential for oppression and destruction as systemic racism. An example of a black male with racial prejudice against people of another race doesn't prove anything about systemic racism in the USA, nor about an oft repeated alt-right talking point that black people are racist too.

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The two different assailants may have different motivations for their attacks. The three attacks by the first assailant may have had 3 separate motivations.
I already noted that I don't know the identities of the other two victims. That could quickly contradict that possibility of an explicit racial motivation.

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Miami-Dade County offers the metromover as a free, local, raised rail means of moving around Miami's Downtown and Brickell Financial District areas.
Despite being one of the biggest SJW in Gitmonation, I recognize the potential for these being racially based attacks. Both victims were hispanic/latino.
That written, without evidence, I neither support not conclude that.

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Interesting story, perhaps part of some pattern, in Miami.
On September 4 a black male from Perry (I don't know what state that is in, could be Florida, could be Georgia, or elsewhere) was in Miami and reportedly attacked three different people. I only know the identity of one victim through this story.

@adam, Karen's call the cops immediately and without hesitation over something that isn't a big deal.
Now they're a Karen when they don't believe the police and don't want the national guard?
That seems like a 180 degree turn in the definition.

Again, I disagree with his politics, but David is extremely intelligent. He was taking advanced college math courses in his high school teen years.

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David got cancelled for a retweet with comment about peaceful protest making voters more sympathetic to BLM than violent protests.

Yes, that's why he got cancelled. It was considered racially insensitive. I can't immediately find any articles from that affair but here's a Reason write-up on that.

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Recently cancelled Democrat pollster, famous for his role in the Obama campaign, (maybe just the second one, I'm not sure) did an interview which I think some in Gitmonation would find very interesting.
I always disagreed with many of David's policy positions, but this interview is about politicking, and not political philosophy.
Anyone interested in how the sausage is made with winning elections, this is full of treasure.

Silly me! I forgot the part where they had to do it by hand, in a circle. They had to kill someone they had possible learned to care deeply about, and trust with their life.
We don't use the word anything like that anymore. It's all about 10% these days, when it was really always about being punished for a grave failure. A traitorous failure.

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John didn't really do a great job of explaining decimation.
Decimation was a punishment for a mutinous roman legion in which 9 legionaries were forced to kill the tenth
Therefore, unless the word is used in reference to some similar form of self-destruction or self-punishment, uses are colloquial. I imagine John knows this, but he glossed over some of the most important details.
It's not just about 1/10, it's also about self punishment.

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