@adam Judge Joe Brown wasn't completely accurate in his description, but Bernays and other Americans were definitely huge influences on Nazi propaganda development

If anyone else can think of any feel free to chip in

"i say something because i heard terrorists can wear bombs in their underwear or shoes"

"I say something because my anus tightens whenever I see someone I think may be from the middle east"

"i say something because my mom says the terrorists hate us for our freedom"

"I say something because I still see people jumping from the twin towers when I close my eyes to sleep"

I was particularly inspired in episode 1206's discussion of the new "see say something" campaign and I wanted to share it with gitmonation.
I want to create a spoof that uses the same intro of the young woman asking "if you see something why do you say something?" followed by a montage of typical americans saying in different ways, "i say something because i'm terrified i'm going to die a horrible, brutal death"
it's supposed to be comedy. it's still a bit rough

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@Premitive1 @KingDings “so many people calling the show Trump-apologist”.

Please quantify. Do you mean posters on reddit?

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To see the men in the control room and make the simulation stop take a dozen hits of acid and you’ll see it all man

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@Premitive1 I watch without commercials - BBC in UK has no commercials

Value: it’s being first worldwide

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The dimensions diverged after the CERN Large Hadron Collider was fired in 2008 and we ended up in crazy clown world.

You ain't straddling shit without a supercollider.

@adam @Johncdvorak

I took objection with how @adam and @Johncdvorak categorized Dimensions A and B.
Back in the heyday of its relevance I thought there was at least a suggestion that it was optimal to straddle the dimensions, and Dimension A wasn't necessarily the rational or true dimension, but simply another point of view.
But the way it was recently explained it strikes me that trumpers and anti-trumpers of any extreme ilk must therefore both be in Dimension B.

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This picture of a waterspout off Genoa bothers me - it looks like an extremely shitty photoshop but it’s a genuine photo.

Nature imitating art? Nature imitating adobe.

New biography for Trump, "The Art of the Steal"

Look at this lying ass hole. But the trumpeters will somehow suggest he still has time to do this in his next term. Do they mean the term where he will lift Tariffs because of all the trade deals his still hasn't signed but will any minute now?

"Republican Hypocrites Ignore Trump's Lies, Praise Irresponsible Budget"
""Trump passed a budget that will increase the deficit to a trillion dollars. His supporters cheer."
"In 2016, Trump promised to totally wipe out $19 trillion in national debt over eight years in office. Republicans cheered."

I find it hilarious when NA listener praise Trump unironically.
He's bombed countries without congressional notice, he's increase the national budget, increased the deficit, and acted like a hollow sock puppet with China regarding a trade deal.
But still I see them posting articles which praise Trump. WTF? Are you idiots actually listening to the show?

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