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Sharepoint is down so of course the world is ending for everyone outside IT

Since @bol has already asked, anyone want a invite?

My boss decided that blocking IPs used for Windows Update was a good idea to stop clients from eating all the bandwidth was a good idea... Not when the IPs are Akamai IPs and most sites use them for CDN... My morning was so busy because he didn't tell me what he did.

Network issues that make no sense and you can't blame DNS... Fuck today

*does a lil flap in time with your shout*

NASocial - 1452 vs Personal Instance - 1521 on

No idea how the score is calculated but it's silly how a one user instance with one status can out win a real community.

Also, has 1002609 user and only 106 toots. Someone has learned some SQL.

My discovery today was if I kick off the backup on both my gateways at the same time, all the phones reboot as the Manager is at another site... Exciting 😅

Just saw the first bit of loli porn on the federated stream... on another note this bus runs Windows XP

Updated my personal Mastodon instance to v1.2. Had some issues but seems to have worked. Updated Node to v6 as it's the new LTS.

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