In for the weekend with my brother and a few friends. Anyone recommendations NAS?

@Economic_Hitman I have used Dynamics Nav and admin'd it... YOU CAN ONLY POPULATE

@dcgirl Maybe you don't have a bunch of shitheads in your classroom?

My new favourite thing to do at work is to make my colleague angry by showing how SJWs are now getting deep into OSS... I enjoy those days as he gets so frustrated with it all and all I have to do is send him something about the CoC in the Linux kernel or something like that guy who modified the MIT license to ban ICE "supporters" and the subsidiaries, which we were by far proxy, from using his code.

@TomNovak Man! And here I am not able to get these KAIOS phones in GitmoNation East... I guess I am stuck with my small collection of Nokia E72s

So work have approved me going to Open Source Summit Europe here in Edinburgh. Still in my probation period but I've already achieved CMNO and other training is being considered. It's pretty awesome so far

@pokey That snap sounds terrifying but glad you are a bit better

@ServerStatus I would love to take a look at that once it's up. I have started using docker, all the stuff I have on my new server is running on Docker, including but I have no automation at all. K8S is another thing I want to play with at some point.

@ServerStatus TYFYC dood/doodette. Just a curious dude named Ponzo, what is this whole thing running on?

@ServerStatus If you are doing the upgrade to 2.4.1, keep an eye on this

It hit me and I was confounded for 10 minutes trying to fiddle ruby.

@IndyHavoc It was a love/hate relationship tbh. I enjoyed the people I worked with but my boss was getting annoying.

@dcgirl Boss was not being a good boss and I wasn't performing as he expected but no guidance was given. Moved into his team about 4 months ago so I was on probation. I'm a dude named Ben and right now I'm enjoying an early weekend then back on the job hunting horse come Monday :D

Got fired today... So yeah how's your day going NASverse?

@ChrisWilson Love them. Saw this show last year during the Edinburgh Fringe and will be seeing them again this year

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