Got fired today... So yeah how's your day going NASverse?

@PonzoSporrigan noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! what happened? what do you do? Where are you looking for a job?

@dcgirl Boss was not being a good boss and I wasn't performing as he expected but no guidance was given. Moved into his team about 4 months ago so I was on probation. I'm a dude named Ben and right now I'm enjoying an early weekend then back on the job hunting horse come Monday :D


Man, that sucks. Last job I lost was budgetary (they lost a client, then closed the call center because of it). My first stop on the way home was WorkOne, to get benefits. I didn't need them, I bounced back with a good job the next week.

Here's hoping the same with you!

@dcgirl @SpookyR

@PonzoSporrigan Feels bad, man. Hopefully something bettery will come along shortly. Usually does. Did you love or hate your previous job?

@IndyHavoc It was a love/hate relationship tbh. I enjoyed the people I worked with but my boss was getting annoying.

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