In for the weekend with my brother and a few friends. Anyone recommendations NAS?

My new favourite thing to do at work is to make my colleague angry by showing how SJWs are now getting deep into OSS... I enjoy those days as he gets so frustrated with it all and all I have to do is send him something about the CoC in the Linux kernel or something like that guy who modified the MIT license to ban ICE "supporters" and the subsidiaries, which we were by far proxy, from using his code.

So work have approved me going to Open Source Summit Europe here in Edinburgh. Still in my probation period but I've already achieved CMNO and other training is being considered. It's pretty awesome so far

Got fired today... So yeah how's your day going NASverse?

I did try Pleroma, but I came back to Mastodon as I am used to admining it and this time i dockered it so if it explodes I can rebuild it in 5 minutes. So follow me at @michael

Now on to the next docker adventure :D

New server... Do I spin up as Mastodon or Pleroma

Fun day at work tomorrow... UPGRADE ALL THE THINGS!!

Might as well explain that fuck cancer toot... My father passed away this morning after a long fight with cancer. He went peacefully and was surrounded by the ones he loved. To make matters worse, my grand mother may soon follow, same vile disease.

I backed Adam Curry's PodcasterPro podcast and broadcast device. See how you can make a great sounding podcast!

Is it just me but the One Love Manchester "logo" is the breast cancer pink with a bastardised loop with ears? Just looks a bit weird

I hate Arcserve so much! PSA to any , please stay away. Just been working on issue, after issue with it since I started at my new job.

This annoys me so much... If you can't afford to move then don't fucking move.

Twidere test. Think I can get rid of Tusky and my twitter client too

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