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Do you know of anyone on the network who specialises is , maybe a podcast?

Trans competitor beats 13-year-old girl in NYC women’s skateboarding contest | New York Post

We need Big Willy Style.

Yes, it was a dumb and arrogant move, motivated by insecurity. But it was showbiz shenanigans.

Slapping Chris Rock was out of order, and the joke should have been - water off a duck's back. But, I want him back in the public eye. Just in the hope he might make another one of these.

Is there a better summer song?

I've been meaning to ask to this question for a while now.

When the Alphabet propaganda gets too much for you, what conservative country will you migrate to? 🤔

May I take this opportunity to appeal to my American cousins. Yes, I say cousins because we are so much alike even though we have some differences. I appeal to your sense of justice, and the will to strive for prosperity. This is my first step in applying for safe refuge in your hospitable country. I must escape the folly of ego maniacs - Boris and Vlad.

Vladimir Putin ally warns London ‘will be bombed first’ if World War 3 breaks out

Fake money, nuff hype.

Please recommend a currency podcast which is informative, and entertaining.

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they are just embarrassed because they are utter failures and cowards that hide behind badges and body armor.

The meme of “You had one job” seems to come to mind.

That exact situation is why they train, have drills and are supposed to exercise some type of readiness.

All of which they fucked up.

Everyone who obeyed any order to stand down while people were being murdered should be fired and not allowed to be in any form of public protection occupation as long as they live.

At least this put a smile on my face. The woman is insane, but we can all get a laugh at her expense.

I gave birth to my rag doll husband's baby - I gained weight and there were contractions

Why are we so myopic? Our militaries have unjustly killed tens of thousands of people since the turn of the centuary. Our oil companies have ruthlessly exploited other people's resources whenever oil was found aboard, and many of those companies still do. Yet, we see fit to condemn a country for hosting a golf tournament. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Why the LIV golf series is so controversial - BBC News

Submit to our future overlords you stubborn conservatives. Join me in raising glass to the ALPHAbet mafia, assume the beta position. 😏

I am definitely not answering this question the next time I go to give blood.

Male blood donor who refused to say if he was pregnant turned away

Russia tells BBC “we did not invade Ukraine” and there is “no war” there - BBC News

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