@SecretAgentPaul hello Sir
Just heard If You're White jingle on the latest show, such a good jingle.
Are you still producing, interested in co -producing with me?
I have a couple of lyrics but have No Talent for singing or playing.

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!


At least I got to see it before it got All Blowed Up...LOL!!!
Such an interesting piece of New World Order Propaganda.
Never thought of George H W Bush being behind till it was brought up on the show, always Twd Tuener probably did it.

First attempt at a brisket, very tender and tasty. Memorial Day dinner with the family remembering those who sacrificed for our Freedom.

Great Meetup last night at The Royal American meeting The PodFather @adam . Thank You @jennifer for being such a Lovely and Gracious Hostess!!

They lied about the trials
They lied about PCR tests
They lied about mandates
They lied about lockdowns
They lied about the lab leak
They lied about face masks
They lied about FDA approval
They lied about vaccine safety
They lied about the case count
They lied about the death count
They lied about gain of function
They lied about vaccine efficacy
They lied about it being a vaccine
They lied about asymptomatic spread
They lied about prophylactic treatment
They lied.

Got my patches from 41patchesCA. They LOOK GREAT, can't wait to wear them to a meetup.
@ollie @41patchesCA

Halloween decorations in a yard in Charlotte, NC sent to me by a friend of the show. A friend of the show still trying to hit them in the mouth to listen to the show but they are on the right track.

Anyone else getting a 404 or 500 at noagendashow.net?

Hey, I heard your offer to produce jingles and songs for the show. Do you have an email I can send some lyrics and discuss a possibly collaboration for the show?

Thanks Sir Shawn The Pit of Useless Knowledge

When the Plandemic began I read each of these books. As I finished one I was Amazed at how accurate to the future these authors were with their Fiction.
Please read these if you haven't.

ITM y'all! Show day - huzzah!

WAY TOO MANY options for this week's ANA. We wish we could do more!

We're all just part of a grand experiment. Kinda the worst, amiright?!

Stay safe! [insert JCD's fav response here] ;)

TYFYC! xoxo


cc: @adam @Johncdvorak
Additional links for the other platforms to follow - they always take a bit longer to process. . .

Officially joined the Round Table, got my Knighthood back in November to celebrate my 50th.
Took me a while to find out how fat my sausage fingers are to order the ring. LOL

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