I thought I had some good shots from this morning but they all suck

@Pidgeycat Hahaha! Good point.
Ok ok, think I juz figured this out:
So they were born as zika babies, head somewhat smaller. Through watching too much M5M, their brains shrank soooo much the witch doctor felt bad and shrank their heads even more to match the peanut sized brain.

@Pidgeycat must be the robust protection I've heard about. didn't realize they were talking about the nurse not the vax

Virtue signalling to who? And why? The opening screen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Nobody else does this that I can find.

Rare Encounter with @coldacid and @AbleKirby is Live tonight at 7pm ET. Tune in for the pre-stream here: rareencounter.stream

Was so glad to see this on the NAstream last night.

Absolutely killer episode.

The Higherside Chats feat. @texas_slim


Happy Tokin' Tuesday, Bowlers! Join @SirSpencer and I in the Bowl for Episode 191 of ✨TONIGHT✨ at 9 PM Central.

You know @RevCyberTrucker will be busting in with another for us to enjoy!

Remember to call and tell us about the First Time YOU Ever lost the game:

(816) 607-3663

Livestream: stream.bowlafterbowl.com/publi

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TONIGHT 730p 930c 1030e
Behind the Sch3m3s

Driving around America, I stop by @Boo_BuryMothman and LiteBrite's house, eat pizza, watch Army of Darkness, and talk about schemes. Drawing from a David Bowie tarot set from @phifer with a bit of bismuth from @Laurien and @SirSpencer, I'm Super Hydrated!

Listen Live
Leave a scream on our scr33mline
(612) 263-7999

For episode 317 of Hog Story, we had a live Five Minute Limit after the No Agenda show and @CarBlanez33 and I were joined by @NetNed and Tara!
We titled that episode Cube Dumplings
It is available now, if you missed the live stream


soccer in the taco

Tomorrow is a SHOWDAY for the Best Damn Podcast AND the Best Damn PreShow in the Universe!

And don't forget the Best Damn PrePreShow in the Universe with @fletcher and @phifer!

I will be back LIVE and your Boostagrams will be featured as well as your requests. Get the requests in EARLY using our form at:


Then Tune in at 9AM Central for the PrePreShow, 11AM Central for the PreShow, and 1PM Central for TBDPITU.

Value For Value for all!

Love is lit! 🤟

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