"You're not silenced, you're not censored, the Internet was built to route around bullcrap like this! Twitter and Facebook, they're bugs in the system!" โ€” @adam 1311

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@PhoneBoy @adam From the beginning, the Internet was utilized by the CIA and the Department of Defense (ARPA) for their top-secret counterinsurgency programs. Social Networks are the culmination of everything the Special Operations Research Office ever dreamed of with Project Camelot. Infinite data for social engineering.

@Sabex The internet before Facebook and Twitter was something that the every day person wouldn't even get on unless they were doing schoolwork or business, now it's in everybody's pockets. People were still separated for the most part in their own message boards and forums where everyone there had a lot in common and a lot less important things to fight about. People don't really work well with each other when there are so many cultures/beliefs/etc about anything and everything all slammed into one place.

@beardalaxy @Sabex I was on a heavy metal forum for years. The savagery we displayed to one another dwarfs anything Ive seen on Twitter.... it was great times.... and 1000's of old metal heads hope that that little career ender never surfaces. Internet got ruined when people with hurt feelings showed up

@Sabex @beardalaxy

Damn those people..... they are locusts stripping culture for an ounce of coolness.... I mean look what they did to tattoos

@beardalaxy @Sabex As someone who's been tinkering on the Internet since the era of 300 baud modems in the early 90's, the introduction of social media into that system irrevocably changed a very deliberate way.

Instead of adults going about the business of adulting, all of society is locked in a high-school clique based social mentality...forever. Again..none of that was by accident. Those that are too young to remember anything different will never realize the difference or the change

@amiko @beardalaxy @Sabex "Mom, hang up the phone, you disconnected my BBS FFS, i was downloading phat warez"

@bodybuzz Oh more times than you could imagine...though my teenage self was more inclined to go after various forms of "multimedia" than warez at that age...real player postage stamp sized video, 10fps at 320x240...that took hours to download...that's the good stuff! ๐Ÿ˜˜

@amiko i was a little behind you, my first modem was a US Robotics 2400 baud on my ibm286 with CGA graphics.

@bodybuzz I "upgraded" to that same USR2400...though I was rocking a [email protected] think I started with basic VGA video though...but the games of that era are still among the most memorable. Having to create custom boot disks to get the different types of extended RAM just right for a particular's led to a viable career so I'm not complaining! ๐Ÿ˜€

@amiko haha. same. building my first few computers really set my life course

@Sabex @fcgreg @PhoneBoy @adam Yeah there was AOL. The general public needs a centralized place to gather. It's why bars exist.

Sure, and No Agenda Social is like the local bar owned by someone in the community. Twitter is like Dave and Busters, only with thought police running the place.

@czervika @Sabex @fcgreg @adam

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