According to the CDC, if you get infected with Covid-19, your survival rate is:

Age 0-19: 99.997%
Age 20-49: 99.98%
Age 50-69: 99.5%
Age 70+: 94.6%

Funny, no one's reporting that.

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@PhoneBoy and yet the banner at the top of the CDC website still proudly proclaims:

"Wear a mask. Protect others".


@PhoneBoy haven't you heard? CDC is now under the full control of Mr. Trump himself. We aren't allowed to listen to them anymore for any reason.

Just wait another month for the death rate to be halfed again...

I love watching these numbers so much.

@PhoneBoy And how many of the ones who are dying in the younger age cohorts have rare medical conditions? ABC is using the death of a 19 year old Appalachian State student, but leaving out that his doctors believe he had a previously undetected and rare neurological condition. The point is, if you aren't one of the 2 in 100,000 people who have Guillain Barre syndrome, then your risk profile is not changed by this 19 year olds death, sad though it is.

@fucksiliconvalley that’s true in all the age groups: how do you know they didn’t have 33 other conditions that, even if COVID-1984 didn’t come along, would have killed the person a few months later?

@PhoneBoy 100% agree. My guess is that COVID-1984 (good name) is having a pull-forward effect on those who were close to death anyway. That isn't to say it isn't sad that people lost weeks or months of life -- we should mourn the loss regardless. But, we shouldn't rob the living of years of living their lives.

@fucksiliconvalley not to mention all the people who lost their livelihoods and suicided themselves, all the domestic violence, etc. So many unintended consequences no one is considering.

@PhoneBoy you and I both know it's not simply that they aren't considering it -- they simply don't care. That people are losing their lives and livelihoods is a feature, not a bug.

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