It’s that time of year where there are blackberries. Picked a couple and munched as I passed by.

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@PhoneBoy Same here - I show it as real gusto when there are purple stains around my mouth ;)

@raintrees I did that with cherries a few weeks ago. Don’t like blackberries quite as much.

@PhoneBoy I Love Fresh Fruit! My dad gives me a hard time because I probably spent $400 to protect our one cherry tree from the birds... But my, they taste great - Look forward to it each year.

@PhoneBoy I love blackberries 😋 careful no to go too deep in woods ticks usually love to hang there 😀 annoying to pick ticks then 😀

@PhoneBoy Oh you are lucky then. 😂 I got some jungle of ticks and mosquitoes here in Europe where they grow 😂 It's a bloody work to pick them here 😂

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