@CSB it was never the knees, it was my foot/ankle. Compared to what it was two weeks ago, I'd say it's healed.

@PhoneBoy good to hear, and don’t forget that exercise is only 20% of weight contributor, 80% is diet

@CSB Diet has by far the most impact for sure. We can quibble over the percentages. That said, exercise has a lot of other benefits.

@PhoneBoy yes, true, exercise has advantages much beyond weight loss: inflammation reduction, overall health improvement etc

@CSB at this moment... 30.4. Gained a few kilos in July because I slowed down on running due to injury...and there were a lot of cherries around.

On the plus side, I've gained some muscle since I've added pushups into my daily routine. Often times it's when I'm doing other things...like making coffee.


@PhoneBoy ah good, so if only your blood group
is not A (as mine is) , this BMI lower than 35 means you are low risk regarding rona

@CSB considering my BMI was over 50 at one point, I'd say my rona risk is...a lot lower.

@PhoneBoy 😂OK

but as I said there are other factors too, what’s your blood group?

@CSB no idea, they don't usually test for that unless you're donating blood, which I haven't done in a while.

Serious question: what would it cause me to do differently than I'm already doing to know my blood type here? I'm not particularly worried what will happen if I catch it. In fact, I may have already had it back in January (mild case at least).

@CSB @PakkonenCT

@CSB there's a reason I used the word "may" and not "did." Even so, the antibody tests only says if you had some sort of coronavirus, not necessarily Covid-19.

There's also a reason I get outside every day, not just to jog, but to dose up on Vitamin D. This is the time of year when you can get it around these parts.

@PhoneBoy yes, vitamin D is super vital, I take it as pills to be sure

if you knew your blood group: if A you’d be more careful what could save your life, if not A you’d be less stressed more relaxed what could save your life too

@CSB Like I asked before: if I know my blood type, what would I do differently than I'm already doing?

If it's just for piece of mind, I already have that based on everything else I'm doing.

@PhoneBoy if your blood group is A then your rona peace of mind is unjustified

@PhoneBoy you’d be more careful= behavior changes not just peace of mind

@CSB that just means: get healthier. Which I'm already doing for other reasons that have nothing to do with rona (but it doesn't hurt to have the extra motivation).

If knowing my blood type results in me doing something differently (not just doing what I'm doing "harder"), then maybe I'll find out. Otherwise, I see zero benefit.

@PhoneBoy no idea, maybe you’d wear better mask - KN95 not cloth - or you’d do more social distancing

if you’d learn your group is A

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@PhoneBoy @CSB To do? I don't know - the blood type thing seems independent of what other precautions you take. It's like... a sentence enhancer.

@PakkonenCT good although there could be hidden genetic factors so stay cautious

@CSB Crouching COVID, Hidden Factor - new movie, filmed in Wuhan.

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