Anyone know if data uploaded counts against Comcast's regressive cap? Doing a massive backup "to the cloud." 🤔

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@PhoneBoy I was told by them once that it does but it was just the person on the phone from them so it might not be 100%

@NetNed well, I'm gonna find out for sure. All their examples of what you can do with 1.2TB talk about "consumption" activities, none of them discuss backups, which is inherently upload.

@PhoneBoy When I called it was a while back when they first came out with the "caps" but back then they said they were going to enforce it and didn't for like 5 years

@NetNed clearly, they're enforcing it now.

I got VERY close to going over during July (within 50GB or so), complete with emails as I got closer to the limit. Since the cap just reset and I know how big this upload will be, I'll know pretty conclusively here soon.

@PhoneBoy Yes, I have heard they are now. My internet isn't with them anymore

@NetNed it's really problematic when you have two people working from home more or less full time because, you know, the gubment says we can't go work in an office (or even in the local Starbucks).

@PhoneBoy Very much. I know they used to have a $200 "caps" on what they would charge you for going over and it automatically added 50gb at like $10 each time you went over. Not she if that still in effect. I don't like using them unless there is no other options and most times it for a business's redundancy ISP

@NetNed their limit for overage charges is $100, unless you either:

1. Get their XFi offering and add unlimited ($25/mo total)
2. Use your own modem (which I do) and pay $30/mo for unlimited

Which is just pure profit for Comcast.

@PhoneBoy by the way, have you ever posted pics of your arcade cabinet in here? I have about every thing I need to make one other than controls. Have researched controls a tad too much 😀

@NetNed I have for sure. Here's the most recent one when I was playing Battle Zone. The cabinet I bought was

Takes some time to put together, but highly recommended.

@PhoneBoy Sweet. Sorry, neighbor came over actually asking for wood, piece of oak to finish something that he doesn't what to show me till it's done. Did you put plexi over the monitor?

@PhoneBoy Ah, I got you. I am cutting it out myself. Made templates printed on a roll printer and I going to glue them to plywood I have had laying around for awhile. Monitor is a bad cap view sonic we were trashing at work so I bought a cap kit for it and re-soldiered them on. I got some bargain bin LEDs at an autozone. Was meant for cars converting them to USB I think. Just need controls and plexi glass. Have a Pi3 that was hook to my TV. Upgraded it to a 4 so the 3 will go in the cabinet

@NetNed my cabinet has a 720p TV they suggested and a Pi 4. It does have a couple pieces of plexiglass (one for the screen and one for the top plate). We let the cats sleep in the bottom of it since we don’t really need a coin door. 😂

@PhoneBoy The Pi3 I have was a retro player already. Does well on everything except N64 stuff. PlayStation runs pretty smooth on it for the most part.

@PhoneBoy Uploads count towards your data cap, yes.

@tmy it's funny, because none of their documentation explicitly states this, nor do any of their examples of "what you can do with 1.2TB of data."

In any case, we're going to find out pretty definitively as I'm uploading 130+GB at the start of my usage period.

@PhoneBoy Survey says "you bet your bippy".

Uploads DO count against your data cap, confirmed with Rep.

All data usage delivered over your home Xfinity Internet service, both downloaded and uploaded, is counted towards your data plan, regardless of the source.

TL:DR - Comcast charges responsible users a massive, on-going fee for using cloud-based data backup services.

@Klaatu at least for the initial upload. Incremental backups shouldn’t be too bad.

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