New Rule: The Quarantine 15 | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube

I rarely agree with Bill Maher, but he’s right about this. The single biggest thing you can do to improve your chances if you catch COVID-19 is to improve your diet.

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@PhoneBoy this is something NO ONE will dare say, but so true. What a horrible health epidemic. Unfortunately, this has direct links to big industry, government's inaction, and poverty. The poor can't eat healthy because of food deserts and the fact it just costs so much more. As this points out, even basic education about nutrition is non existent. Thanks for sharing.

@LPS even with a limited income, the right food choices will make a huge difference.

@PhoneBoy agreed, but sugar is heroin and it's everywhere, and it's cheap, and it gives you pleasure when you're stressed and desperate....that's a big mountain to climb:(

@LPS trust me, I know all too well. Gave it up (including the fake stuff) along with grains and seed oils. Makes a huge difference.

@LPS just to put some perspective on how much of a difference it made. Took a while, and I’m still a work in progress, but to lose two feet around my waist is way better than losing two feet due to diabetic neuropathy, which was surely the trajectory I was on.

@PhoneBoy I have a family member that's heading down that path, I really hope he takes control of his life like you're doing. Unfortunately, it has to be a personal decision as with any other addiction.

Congrats on your success a it's an inspiration for everyone!

@LPS my immediate family is probably heading down this path also. They watched this transformation take place up close and personal, and yet…

It’s truly a personal decision. Does take the right knowledge for sure and the willingness to experiment a little. It also takes a fair bit of determination as the road will be bumpy and send you down the occasional blind alley.

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