The bird shite is losing its mind over the fact that Melania’s Orange Man is reported going to “ban” TikTok. Not sure how that will work in reality as I doubt Tom Collins and the Google Dude will “obey.”

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@CSB While I’m not opposed to it, this could have some interesting implications down the road.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to think through exactly how such a ban would be implemented in practical terms. Or if could even be implemented. It’s not like we have a “great firewall of ‘Murica” like China does.

@PhoneBoy good points, anyway it’s all games before elections as some critics of Melania’s hubby use tiktok to criticize him via tiktok short videos and parodies therein but they can do such videos without tiktok too.

@CSB @PhoneBoy

My daughter confirms Bezos was the biggest hate target ("eat the rich"). I guess Trump will now pull ahead.

@vandys @PhoneBoy what, your daughter will vote for Melania’s hubby now because of tiktok ban?

@CSB @PhoneBoy No, never. 🤯 She loves TikTok, will be very unhappy until she figures out a workaround.

@PhoneBoy @CSB

DNS, I guess. Hard to do network level, because I believe a bunch of the actual service is delivered over Cloudflare. Without a Chinese-level firewall, anybody with the slightest clue should be able to tunnel through.

This is going to piss off a BUNCH of the younger set. Not losing many votes, but having lots of people move from passive to active dislike is never a Good Thing.

@PhoneBoy Is this when the general population learns all about sideloading?

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