Not sure why Apple Music doesn't have the Yes album Talk. Fortunately, I bought it long ago after attending a Yes concert in the 90s.

Wonder how much music is getting "memory holed" due to the ubiquity of these streaming services.

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@PhoneBoy Could be contractual. Remember how long it took Apple to get Beatles rights.

@Freakwater Oh I know it's all about getting the rights to the works. The effect is the same, though.

Odd. Google thinks Apple Music has "Talk" but it apparently is not available in the US. Perhaps UK only.

My phone says Apple Music has 24 albums from Yes. I only have 7 of them.

@mhjohnson I definitely don’t own all Yes albums (a few plus a compilation or two). Just odd that two of them I do own (Keys to Ascension being the other) aren’t in Apple Music.

@PhoneBoy what year is talk? I have nearly the entire Yes catalog on vinyl and I've never heard of this. And I have a vinyl copy of Tormato

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